Top 7 Unique and Natural Wooden End Tables for Your Home

Every living room needs one piece of furniture that will stand out and add a special touch to your space. Natural, wooden end table is surely one of these pieces of furniture.

If your living room also needs a refreshment, one of these seven natural, and unique designed end tables might be the right choice for you. Check them out. 🙂

Gloria End Table



Price: $248.99

Gloria End Table is a lovely end table that will add a touch of a unique sophistication to any space. It’s also available in several different finishes in case you don’t prefer one, but like its shape. The assembly is not required.

Leslie End Table



Price: $336.25

Leslie End Table is a perfect combination of a contemporary, rustic and industrial style, so it will fit in a variety of decors. This table is hand-crafted from reclaimed old planks. so the quality of it is guaranteed.

Stilwell End Table



Price: $623.99

Stilwell End Table is a piece of furniture that will add a special, natural look to your living room, and bring a life to it thanks to its beautiful, innovative design and structure. It’s also available in white finish. Both the base and the top of this end table are crafted from solid wood, so it’s also a durable piece of furniture that could be a great addition to your living room for many years.

Machado End Table



Price: $108.99

Machado End Table features a beautiful, drum structure that brings a unique touch to any contemporary living room, and you can get of for a very affordable price. This end table is constructed from recycled teak wood, and it’s eco-frindly. The assembly is not required.

Katahdin Wood End Table



Price: $253.99

Katahdin Wood End Table features a design that combines a rustic and modern style, so it could be a perfect addition to many interiors. This end table is multi-functional because it’s suitable for both indoor an outdoor use, and you can use it both as an end table or for a seating. It’s constructed from a reclaimed wood, and the finish is striped and colorful.

Natura End Table



Price: $145.99

Natura End Table is a beautiful end table that is handcrafted from pieces of teakwood, so it’s also a sturdy and durable piece of furniture that could be a part of your home for many years. If your home is contemporary, and you need one rustic piece of furniture that will break the monotony in it, this end table is definitely the right choice for your home.

Driftwood End Table



Price: $870.00

This amazing driftwood end table will add a special touch to any contemporary home with its beautiful, natural jigsaw puzzle of driftwood branches. The wood construction type is solid, and the top of the table is a zinc.

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