Prepare Your Home For Halloween 2016.

Halloween is soon, and if you’re planning a party, this is the right time to buy the products that will help you to set the spooky atmosphere in your home. Here’s a few product hat might help you with it.

Autumn Harvest Wheelbarrow Yard Stake



Price: $29.95

Autumn Harvest Wheelbarrow Yard Stake is a great decoration to your yard in Halloween season. It features a yellow light that shines at night, so the Halloween set guaranteed. It requires two AA batteries.

Leaf Handle Copper Cake Server



Price: $175.00

This spooky cake server is a great fit to a Halloween party. It’s also a high-quality product that can be also used for other occasions. This cake server is made of a brushed copper, rivets and brass. You can clean it by using an abrasive pad.

Pumpkin S&P Shakers



Price: $17.00

Pumpkin S&P Shakers are great and affordable decoration for your Halloween party. These items are salt and pepper shakers that will be useful as a holiday decoration for years. They are made of an alternative metal, and it should be washed by hand.

Orange Pumpkin



Price: $180.00

Medium Pumpkin Cocotte will surely help you to make a holiday Halloween set in your home, and it’s also a useful dish to any home. This dish is made of an enamel-coated cast iron, and designed in a traditional and timeless style to fit in your home for many years.

Witch’s Brew Shower Curtain by One Bella Casa



Price: $87.99

Witch’s Brew Shower Curtain by One Bella Casa is a durable Halloween decoration that you can use for many Halloweens. It helps you to set the theme for a Halloween party. It’s made of a woven polyester, and you can wash it in a machine with a cold water.

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