7 Kitchen Islands With Light Wood Finish

Kitchen Islands are very useful pieces of furniture in any kitchen size. They will get you additional working surface for cooking, and more than enough of additional storage space for the cookware. We have already written about black and white islands, so this post is about the ones in wooden finish. So if you’re a fan of natural looking kitchen furniture, one of these kitchen islands might be the right choice for your kitchen.

Grand Workcenter Kitchen Island by Catskill Craftsmen

From: wayfair.com


Price: $749.99

Grand Workcenter Kitchen Island by Catskill Craftsmen is a great kitchen island that will be a nice fit to big and small kitchen. Its base and top are made of a high-quality wood, so it could be a nice addition to your home for years. It features a spacious top, and enough storage space in a closed drawer and in open compartment.

Kitchen Island with Butcher Block Top by Catskill Craftsmen

From: wayfair.com


Price: $1,139.99

Kitchen Island with Butcher Block Top by Catskill Craftsmen will add a style and a traditional luxury to your kitchen with its classy appearance. This kitchen island is a high-quality product that features enough storage space with many closed storage compartments, and again it’s easy to open it and to get your stored cookware. the top and the base are crafted of a yellow birch.

Hazel Kitchen Island by Wildon Home ®

From: allmodern.com


Price: $869.99

Hazel Kitchen Island by Wildon Home ® is simple and elegant piece of furniture that will fit in any dining room or a kitchen where the light wood is dominant. Its construction is sturdy and made of a mango wood.

Kitchen Island by Wood Designs

From: allmodern.com


Price: $839.99

Kitchen Island by Wood Designs is a great fit to a kitchen with limited space. As you can see on the image above, there’s enough closed storage space for a microwave and the small fridge. This island is constructed of a Baltic birch plywood.

Homestead Island

From: homelivingstyle.com


Price: $1,598.00

Homestead Island is a beautiful, durable piece of furniture that will be a great addition to a kitchen or a dining room where the wood finishes dominate. It will provide you more than enough working surface for preparing food, and more than enough storage space in its closed compartments.

Bickham Kitchen Island

From: franceandson.com


Price: $3,040.00

Bickham Kitchen Island is simply beautiful piece of furniture that’s made with a high-quality wood construction. Its rich textures and solid wood construction will add a rich and luxurious look to you home.

Tremont Kitchen Island

From: franceandson.com


Price: $3,690.00

Tremont Kitchen Island is a beautiful contrast of a natural and modern look. It combines a natural wood look with a functionality that any modern home needs. It will provide you enough working space on top, and the drawers and compartments are perfect for storing all your kitchenware.

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