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Suits are back again, and the story is more exciting than ever. Mike went to prison, and the firm is more fragile than ever. In last episode Jessica Pearson’s office was the place where the most important things happened, so I think it’s time to explore it a bit more, and write a post about it.

Jessica Pearson Office


I went through some US-based online stores and found some similar pieces of furniture and home decor that will fit easily in any office interior decorated in Jessica’s style.

Accent Chair



Price: $1,799.99

Aloisio Armchair is a luxurious arm chair that combines modern luxury with a classic from the mid-century style. It’s a high-quality product that could be a part of your office for many years thanks to its brushed steel base and great upholstery. It belongs to the Jack collection by Bobby Berk Home.

Decorative Pillows

Well, I probably spent hours and hours trying to find these, and for now, I didn’t find it in any of US-based online stores. However, I found visually similar pillows with a floral theme and classy look that could look awesome in an office or any space inspired by Jessica Pearson’s style.



Price: $35.78

May Cotton Pillows could be a stylish decoration to any contemporary or traditionally decorated space thanks to its timeless floral theme. The upholstery is Plain fabric with a hidden flap covered zipper for easy insertion and removal of inserts.



Price: $34.99

Teal decorative cushion, like Jessica’s pillow, is also Fashionable, durable, oversized and easy to clean. It features zipper enclosed cover, so you can remove the feather insert and machine wash the cover.

Table Lamp

Since I couldn’t find the lamp that looks exactly like the table lamp from this set, I chose this lamp that is designed in a similar way, so it can fit easily in a decor like Jessica’s.



Price: $179.99

Arches Table Lamp is sold by City Life Catalog and manufactured by Wildwood Lamps. It could be elegant, and a bit extravagant addition to any modern office.



Mercury Row Corvin Loveseat

Price: $989.00

Rolland Chesterfield can fit easily in an interior decorated in Jessica’s style. This stylish sofa with high arms and button-tufted upholstery will add a touch of elegance into any modern office. Also, it’s an affordable product.


Brayden Studio Verdi Loveseat

Price: $1,039.99

Verdi Loveseat by Brayden Studio is much alike the loveseat from the set. It’s stylish and inviting, so it’s a great choice for an office like the one from the set. It belongs to the prestigious Verdi collection by Brayden Studio, so if you decide to get this loveseat, the luxury in your office guaranteed. It’s also available in other colors.


Coffee Table



Price: $976.50

Ramson Coffee Table is an elegant piece of furniture that’s perfect choice for modern offices like Jessica’s. Its crisp clean lines will add a touch of sophistication to your space. Its top is made from tempered glass, and the legs are polished stainless steel, so this coffee table has a sturdy construction that makes it very functional.

End Table



Price: $94.99

Bunching End Table is a beautiful, simple, and affordable piece of furniture that’s a perfect choice for a minimalistic decorated office. You can combine it with a Ramson coffee table to create a stylish look in your office space, or even in a living room.

Office Chairs



Price: $129.99

Geffrey Chair is really similar to office chairs from Jessica’s office. This office chair is sturdy, durable and affordable. It’s also available in black, brown, blue, green and white colors.


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