Decorate Your Office In Harvey Specter Style – Suits

We haven’t had a TV show furniture post for a while, so it’s about time to write a new post. I decided to write about the interior of one office from one of my favorite TV show characters, Harvey Specter.


Harvey Specter is a character from a famous TV show – Suits. If you’ve watched it, you must know what a law genius he is and what a strong personality he has. He is a respected lawyer, known also as ‘the best closer in New York City’.

But today’s post is not about Harvey, it’s about his office…

His office is simple, modern and it is a reflection of Harvey’s strong personality. It’s an interesting fact that in this office, you won’t find any drawer, because there are no things to hide. Everybody who watched the show knows, that if Harvey has something to hide, Donna does her job.

Harvey Spected and rachel in His Office

White Desk

The desk in Harvey’s office is white and simple, but again sturdy and functional. We found a few similar products in US-based online stores, that could make your office just like Harvey’s.

Princeton Writing Desk


Price: $829.99

Princeton writing desk by Global Total Office looks pretty much alike actual Harvey’s desk from the office. This freestanding desk is a simple, stylish and beautiful piece that could be a part of any modern decorated office, and you can combine it with a similar product from the same collection.

Black Arm Chair

Tubular Brunston Chair



Price: $750.00

Tubular Brunston Chair is one of the most famous armchairs of all times, and set designers used it perfectly to add a unique simplicity to Mr. Specter’s office. This beautiful armchair is inspired by a chair design by the legendary Mies van der Rohe in Brno, Czechoslovakia. It is upholstered in Italian leather on a stainless steel frame, so its high-quality and durability are ensured.

Harvey Specter Office

Coffee Table

Henri Coffee Table



Price: $593.60

Henri Coffee Table looks almost like the one coffee table from the office. It’s a perfect choice for decorating your space in Harvey’s style. The top of the table is made of clear tempered glass and the base is brushed stainless steel.

Dimensions: 16.5″ H x 51.2″ W x 27.6″ D

White Floor Lamp

Tripod Floor Lamp



Price: $489.90

Mccown Retro 62″ Tripod Floor Lamp creates a perfect balance between contemporary and industrial interior styles. Its frame is sleek and sturdy thanks to its iron construction, and it resembles a camera stand with its stylish tripod design.

Overall Dimensions: W 24″ x D 24″ x H 62.5″

The Rug

Lilah Dark Gray Area Rug



Price: $116.00

Lilah Dark Gray Area Rug looks like the rug in Harvey’s office. The rug is soft and beautiful. It will look great in every room of your home. It’s handwoven with metallic yarn and it is made of polyester. Professional cleaning is required. The price will depend on which size you will choose.

Black Sofa

Embassy Leather Sofa



Price: $3,495.00

Embassy Leather Sofa is a great choice for an office like Harvey’s. It’s upholstered in leather with a feather cushions. It’s perfect for every home or office inspired by a gorgeous combination of modern and traditional thanks to its mid-century design.

Black Office Chairs

Offex Mid-Back Brown Ribbed Upholstered Leather Conference Chair



Price: $223.60

Offex Mid-Back Brown Ribbed Upholstered Leather Conference Chair is a stylish office chair, great for a modern office, and it excels in modern comfort. It features molded arms for additional upper body support, while the cozy molded seat has built-in lumbar support and features a locking tilt mechanism for a mid-pivot knee tilt. The height is adjustable. It also features a 360-degree swivel and it’s made with industry standards for safety and durability.


Cube Arm Chair by Kardiel



Price: $998.99

Cube Armchair is just the right armchair to have if you want an office like Harvey’s. With it, the Mid-century meets modern luxe. It is made of stainless steel – the base, bicast leather – upholstery. Padded leather arms adorn the angled flat-bar stainless steel frame completing a timeless seat that’s both cozy and seriously elegant.

Chaise Lounger

Eatonville Chaise Lounge by Wade Logan



Price: $699.00

Eatonville Chaise Lounge by Wade Logan is a stylish addition to any contemporary office. When you’re spending too much time in it, it’s good to have a piece of furniture like this one. Also, it’s almost the same as the one from the set. If you don’t prefer it in black, it’s also available in brown and white version.

All of these pieces of furniture are modern and dark. People would say that that’s the way Harvey is. But it’s not as simple as that. Harvey could be a very positive guy and if you want to see his bright side, I’d say, and Gabriel Macht, who plays the role of Harvey also would say… Just look at the paintings.

Harvey Specter Office Painting


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