Decorate Your Home in Tanner Family Style – Fuller House


When I was a little kid, I could watch ‘Full House’ all day, and it was never enough of it. Danny Tanner’s family was one of the most popular fictional families in the ’80s and ’90s. Their ‘Full House’ was a big family house in San Francisco, with a big living room, big kitchen, a basement, several bedrooms, and attic. So it’s not strange that so many family members were living there. It was just enough space for everyone, even for fun activities that Jesse and Joey were doing from time to time.

And now, 20 years later, Tanners are back. It’s normal for me to be all grown up, but it’s so strange to see an adult Stephanie and D.J. in this same house. The house looks a lot like 20 years ago, there are some improvements in a set, but the spirit is the same as 20 years ago.

I decided to take some screenshots from the new episodes, and to dig into online stores to try to find as similar furniture as possible to the one from the show, and to help you decorate your home in a Tanner family style.



Dining Chair

I found three different chairs that look much like the chairs from the set, so I listed all of them in a case that you might prefer one more than others.


August Grove Charlotte Side Chair

Price: Set of 2: $110.99

Charlotte Side Chairs by August Grove are simple, beautiful and traditional dining chairs that look really nice in an interior that’s designed in a traditional style, like the dining room of Tanner family. It’s made of sturdy rubberwood, so it’s durable, and it will look lovely in your dining room for many years.


August Grove Windsor Side Chair

Price: Set of 2: $149.99

Windsor Side Chair by August Grove is also similar to the chair from the TV set. It’s a set of two, simple, casual dining chairs that fit perfectly in a traditional dining room. These chairs are made of solid beechwood, so its construction is durable.


Loon Peak Pierce Side Chair

Price: Set of 3: $249.98

Gennevilliers is a high-quality chair that will look great in your dining room for many years. It’s made of an Asian rubberwood, which is a softer hardwood, and it belongs to the Rustic Oak Collection. It’s available also, in many different finishes, if you don’t prefer the one from the picture.

Dining Table



Price: $799.99

Plainville Dining Table by Wooden Importers looks much alike the table from the set. This piece of furniture is a beautiful combination of a traditional and contemporary style. Its sleek oval top can be expanded to 78”, so it’s a nice choice for big families like this one.



Baby Crib



Price: $205.59

This baby crib is very similar to the one from the set. It’s available in several different colors, if you don’t prefer a white one for your baby. This crib is 5-in-1 Convertible Crib that’s constructed of solid pine, so it’s sturdy, durable, and your kid can use it for years.

Platform Bed

Since it’s really hard to find an exact same bed as one from the set, I found two platform beds that would look great in your bedroom if you prefer do decorate it in Tanner’s style.


Andover Mills Platform Bed

Price: $529.99

Platform Bed by Andover Mills is a platform bed that fits in a bedroom decorated in Tanner’s style. It features an open design, and it’s adaptable, so it means that it can be used as a day bed or as a traditional platform bed as at a picture above. It’s also available in different finishes.


Darby Home Co Upholstered Platform Bed

Price: $539.99

Upholstered Platform Bed by Darby Home Co could look lovely in a bedroom decorated in D.J. Tanner’s style. It’s big, spacious, and fits in any traditionally decorated bedroom. This set includes one headboard, one footboard, one rails set, and one complete of euro slats.

Living Room


Accent Chair


Ashlee Barrel Chair, Navy Linen

Price: $329.00

Ashlee Barrel Chair is very similar to the accent chair from the set. It’s also available in grey zebra, talc linen and grey linen. Its frame is made of pine, and the upholstery is linen/viscose with polyurethane/polyester foam fill.




Price: $479.00

The plaid sofa is the most memorable piece of furniture from this show. Unfortunately, I didn’t find a plaid slipcover, only this light blue is most similar to an original one for Ektorp sofa on Ikea’s site, but I’ll keep trying to find it somewhere else, if you’ve found it, feel free to let me know in comments.

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