Decorate your Home in Man vs Bee House Style

Man vs Bee is a new, hilarious show from Netflix with a genius Rowan Atkinson. If you didn’t see it already, I recommend doing it asap!

But if you did see it, you must have noticed the amazing home from the show that can blow up anyone’s mind.

Also, I wanted to apologize for not being active enough with the blog in the last months, but I will try to compensate in the following months.

And what’s a better way to start then with analyzing the furniture from this amazing comedy?

Ready? Let’s start!

Note: The furniture pieces are not the original ones used on set. These are only for inspiration.

Living Room

Teal blue is the dominant colour of the room, and in combination with mustard yellow details, and bright light from the outside we’re getting a perfect, modern living room.

Steffen 87.4” Velvet Rolled Arm Sofa


Price: $1,430.00

This sofa looks very similar to the two sofas in the living room. Its classy, teal finish will make any room neat and stylish.

Bernhardt Interiors Donnelly Cocktail Table


Price: $4,599.99

This luxurious coffee table could make any living room glamorous.

Messinger 32” Wide Rectangle Standard Ottoman


Price: $870.00

This mustard yellow ottoman could be a perfect addition to a space inspired by Man vs Bee living room, but if you prefer any other color, this ottoman is available in other colors too.


As you could see from episode one, the kitchen is ultra-modern, with special edition Miele appliances, and everything is gesture operated. And a Cupcake the dog really loves being there.

Bar stools


Price: $274.99 Set od 2

These stylish bar stools look very similar to the ones from the set, and you can get them for an affordable price. Also available in grey.

Dining Room

The dining room is spacious and it also has plenty of daylight like the rest of the home. As it’s an open space plan, the dining room is located between the kitchen and the living room.



The bedroom is another luxurious-looking room from the house that needed house-sitting service. The shower right next to your bed? Sound good to me!

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