Decorate Your Home In Howard and Bernadette Style – Redecorated House

Years ago, I wrote about the apartment where Howard and Bernadette used to live. After the death of Howard’s mother in the last season, this young couple moved to her house. Although Howard used to be against the redecoration at first, Bernadette eventually won, and this house looked completely different. In the last episode, the redecoration was seen the best, so I took a few screenshots and decided to write a post.



Note – this is not the real furniture from the set, it’s the similar furniture that you could buy if you want a similar redecoration like Howard and Bernadette.

Dining Table


Felicien Round Solid Wood Dining Table is a nice and simple piece of furniture that fits in any modern and casually designed interior. This table is also a good choice for a small apartment because it doesn’t take much space. The table is made from solid wood, so it’s also durable and sturdy.

Price: $1,591.00

Dining Chair



Price: $471.00

Krebs Side Chair by Trent Austin Design is a piece of furniture that will add a retro touch to your modern dining room or kitchen thanks to its beautiful, mid-century design. This chair is also a high-quality product that is crafted from fiberglass with a stylish polished stainless steel Eiffel base and solid American walnut legs.

Kitchen 4 Burners Gas Range



Price: $1,799.00

“30” Thor Kitchen 4 Burners Gas Range looks very similar to the range from Howard and Bernadette’s kitchen. This range will satisfy all the basic family needs for cooking, and at the same time it adds luxury vibes to a kitchen thanks to its stainless steel material and are high powered BTU burners equipment. Also, you can get it for a great price.




Price: $1,999.00

A big and modern refrigerator is surely a piece of furniture that makes the first and great impression of the kitchen. This one is similar to Howard’s fridge, opens on the same side, and its stainless steel appearance will make any kitchen modern.

Kitchen Cart


Casual White Kitchen Cart

Price: $199.99

The kitchen cart is a very useful piece of furniture that looks awesome in any big kitchen. This kitchen cart looks very similar to the one from the set, and it’s a good choice for any simple kitchen thanks to its casual design. Its top is all-natural, non-toxic, so it’s perfect for food preparation. There are also two open shelves and one drawer that are great for storage, and we all know it, there’s never enough storage space in the kitchen. ๐Ÿ™‚




Price: $35.99

Sallie Solid Blackout Thermal Grommet Single Curtain Panel is great for windows that need a shorter length like the one in Howard and Bernadette’s new kitchen. This curtain is made of 100% polyester, and it’s machine washable. Also, it’s available in many different colors, so it’s a good choice for any kitchen.

Magnetic Spice Tins




Price: $15.99

Many people asked me for those beautiful, magnetic spice tins from the Howard and Bernadette’s kitchen that help people to preserve the flavor of spices. So I was very happy when I finally found them online. This set includes three, high-quality stainless steel with a clear lid spice jars that will help anyone to keep their kitchen clean and organized. In this case, these tins were used for spices, but they can be used to store small items in the kitchen, office, garage, or workshop.



Price: $13.49

The second set of magnetic spice jars includes six, colorful pieces that will add a life to any space. Colors of the jars are blue, red, green orange, purple and gray. This set is a bit more affordable in a comparison with teh first, stainless steel magnetic jars set.

Living Room



Coffee Table


Price: $129.99

The โ€œORBITโ€ Coffee Table is the original coffee table that is used on set is not available for sales.


However, I found many coffee tables that look similar and would look great in a dining room insprired by this set. One of them is Dinna Frame Coffee Table.ย 




Price: $37.99

This wonderful curtain from Ebern design has a similar color and design as the original curtain from the living room. Its beautiful color will add a touch of sophistication to any space. Also, the price is more that affordable.

Arm Chair



Price: $502.23

Since the mid-century style is dominant in Howard and Bernadette’s new home, this beautiful blue armchair will fit perfectly to a home similar to theirs. Its frame is made of hardwood, and the upholstery is linen.



Price: $279.99

The bookcase in Howard and Bernadette’s living room is inspired by industrial style. This one looks pretty much like the real one from the set. Its construction is high-quality and it includes 5 practical and multipurpose 5-tier bookcases, and it can be put together without all 5 shelves.




Price: $380.99

Gayatri Sofa is a great choice for a living room inspired by Howard and Bernadette’s. It’s simple, stylish and it fits in any interior style thanks to its timeless design. The sofa is very stable and comfortable, so it’s perfect for any living room. The frame is made of stainless steel, and the upholstery is polyester.

Decorative Pillows



Emeline Throw Pillow looks pretty much the same as the second pillow from the Howard and Bernadette’s living room. This pillow is directly filled with sewn closure, and its cover made from polyester. This pillow is manufactured in the USA.



Price: $45.99

The original Orla Kiely pillow from the set is now available for purchase. This beautiful, sunflower pillow will add a touch of summer to your living room, or a bedroom, and make it chic and unique.



moe sideboard mid century modern

Price: $2,165.00

This sideboard by Moe’s Home Collection O2 is the most similar to the sideboard from the set. It’s a great choice for a living room inspired by mid-century and retro style. The sideboard is made of a beautiful sheesham wood, so it’s strong and durable, and it will serve you well for years. You can also combine it with other products from the same collection to complete the look of your living room.





Price: $1,249.05

Holst Upholstered Low Profile Standard Bed is a piece of furniture that’s really similar to the bed from the set. This bed is available in five different colors if this one doesn’t fit in your bedroom interior.




Price: $349.40

Product Dimensions: 21″L x 73″W x 22″H

This bench is not identical, but is very similar to the bench from the end of the bed from Howard and Bernadette’s bedroom. This bench is a high-quality product with beech wood legs and finely upholstered fabric in azzure finish.




Price: $338.99

Luxury Velvet Curtain Panels, Red, Set of 2, Pinch Pleats 50″x150″ looks pretty much like the real curtain from the set. The romantic red is a great choice for a couple’s bedroom. It can also be used in other rooms of your home.

Shade Roller



Price: $41.99

Allesin Cordless Roller Shades Blinds is not identical as the shade from the set, but it’s pretty similar. You can get it for an affordable price, and it’s also available in other finishes.




Price: $245.95

This beautiful and stylish orange bedding could look awesome in a master bedroom inspired by Howard and Bernadette’s. This bedding set includes one duvet cover – bold orange pattern on white on front (small white pattern on orange on back), and two sham covers (bold orange pattern on white).


Large Metal Vase



Price: $250.00

Floor Vase looks identical to the floor vase from the set. This floor vase adds a style and elegance to a home. This vase’s measures are available in 3 sizes.

Bernadette’s Office

Penny and Bernadette in the office


Unfortunately, I haven’t found a desk that looks identical to the desk from the set, but I found two pieces that would fit perfectly in an office inspired but this one. One is more affordable, and the other one is high-end.


Price: $484.99

This desk represents a chic and modern addition to any workspace that mirrors the modern and sophisticated style of Bernadette’s office. Crafted with precision from steel, this writing desk combines elegance with functionality, offering a design that seamlessly complements contemporary minimalist aesthetics.


Price: $1,947.00

This desk can be a sleek and sophisticated addition to your workspace that brings the essence of clean and productive design, reminiscent of Bernadette’s office style. It is crafted with a keen understanding that a clutter-free environment fosters creativity, and it is a perfect blend of form and function.


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