Decorate Your Home in ‘Big Little Lies’ Style – Madeline’s Home

The TV show ‘Big Little Lies’ is an absolute hit this season. The mini TV series of seven episodes describes a life of a few apparently perfect families, located in a beachfront town of Monterey, Calif. Every family has a little secret, that as show goes further, we realize that this ‘little’ secret becomes a huge problem. But, I don’t want to spoil the story in a case that you just started watching it.

One of these families are Mackenzie’s – a wealthy family with a beautiful, beachfront home.


At first I though to write one article about all interiors from this show, but then I realized how different style every family has in decorating, so all of these homes need to be analyzed separately.

And today’s post is about Mackenzie’s and their beautiful, coastal home. The family members are a mother Madeline (Reese Witherspoon), a father Ed (Adam Scott), their first-grader daughter Chloe (Darby Camp) and Madeline’s teenage daughter from first marriage, Abigail (Kathryn Newton).

This family has a beautiful home, decorated in coastal style with a spacious, white kitchen with a huge island that anybody would want to have in their homes. Most of the home is decorated in a combination of coastal and traditional style, and dominant colors in all rooms are bright tones of white and beige.



Kitchen Island



Price: $1,619.00

Kitchen island from the show is probably custom made for the set, but I managed to find one product that could easily fit to a bright, beach house like this one. This kitchen island is available in different sizes, so you could choose the best fit for your kitchen space. These islands are crafted from new and restored timbers to give it the appearance that is a perfect combination of traditional and coastal style.


Refrigerator, Stainless Steel



Price: $2,108.10

Large and stylish refrigerator makes any kitchen stylish and luxurious. This particular fridge looks very much alike the one from the set and it has full sized food storage unit. It also features full-width cantilever glass shelves and performance lighting.

Bar Stools



Price: $239.00

Bar Stools from the set are designed in coastal style, and Sunny Designs Bourbon Country 24″ Ladder Back Counter Stool is a product that could definitely fit into a kitchen inspired by this interior design style. These bar stools are slightly different from the original ones – motif on its back is different, but I didn’t managed to find exact the same seat stool in any of online stores.

Beach with Arrow’ Textual Art

When you live on the beach, why wouldn’t have a textual wall art that points with arrow where the beach is? Madeline’s family has one. Here are two similar ones:



Price: $29.99

This textual wall art is a very affordable decoration for your beach house’s wall. This product is created with the highest standards, and it comes hand-finished and ready to hang with no installation required.



Price: $167.95

The second ‘Beach’ wall art is a little bit more expensive in comparison with the first one. This ‘Beach This Way’ Textual Art Plaque by Beachcrest Home is handcrafted from 100% wood slats, and the artwork is printed directly on wood.

Living Room


The living room is bright and cozy space with a great sea view. I captured this screenshot from the second episode while Madeline and Ed were talking at the end of the day, so it maybe seems darker than it actually is.




Price: $1,535.00

This armchair would surely fit in an interior inspired by the coastal style from Mackenzie’s home. This armchair is a solid and sturdy piece of furniture with a timeless design that combines elegance and quality. It belongs to the Verona collection by Westland and Birch, so it can be combined with other pieces from the same collection to complete the look of a room.

Curved Sectional



Price: $1,929.99

Curved sectionals are very trendy pieces of furniture. If you carefully watched, you maybe noticed that there’s also one in Renata Klein’s living room. These sectionals are also pieces that combine style, comfort, and functionality. I didn’t the one curved sectional that looks identical like to one from set, but the Cosmo Sectional by New Spec Inc is the most similar I could find.

Master Bedroom


Most of the house is bright, simply, but luxuriously equipped. But we can see in a master bedroom a touch of luxury that channels Madeline’s extravagant personality.

Club Chair



Price: $571.99

Pulaski KD Upholstered Rollarm Hayden Chair in Beige looks very similar to the original chair from the set. Its attractive silhouette with rolled arms and tapered wood legs will add a stylish and a little bit of extravagant touch to any room, and it’s perfect for home inspired by Mackenzie’s.

Wingback Bed



Price: $1,229.99

Caress Platform Bed looks very similar to the Wingback bed from Madeline’s and Ed’s room. It’s a great and high-quality piece of furniture that combines traditional elements with the modern design.

Abigail’s Room


Abigail’s room is a classic teenage girl’s room with pink and white as the dominant colors. Her furniture is simple and casual as most of the teenagers’ rooms.




Price: $373.99

Allerton Queen Platform Bed is the perfect choice for a teenage girl’s room. This bed is stylish, simple and it has a timeless, classic design that adds a touch of an elegance to any room, and it is very similar to the bed from ‘Big Little Lies’ set.

Drawstring Bamboo Roman Shade



Price: $29.94

Drawstring Bamboo Roman Shade is a timeless and stylish addition to any home that combines a simplicity and functionality. This type of Roman shades is great for a beach home like Mackenzie’s because it keeps the sun at bay.

Throw Pillow



Price: $64.00

It Starts With A Kiss XOXO Throw Pillow has the different design, but the message is the same. This pillow is great for decorating a teenage girl’s room. and it’s definitely great and affordable choice for decorating your room in Abigail’s style. It’s also available in gray with pink letters.

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