Decorate Your Home in ‘Big Little Lies’ Style – Celeste’s Home

Even if you haven’t seen any of episodes yet, you’ve probably heard about this mini TV series with all the awards it received, and awesome cast that includes some of biggest Hollywood movie stars like Nicole Kidman and Reese Witherspoon, ‘True Blood’ star Alexander Skarsgård and some rising stars like Zoe Kravitz.

The show is about connected families, mostly wealthy ones, that live their ideal lives with their ideal big and little lies in a small, idyllic town – Monterey, California. That type of lifestyle brings some awesome houses and interiors on set. I’ve already written about Madeline and Ed’s coastal home, and it’s about time to explore more Celeste (Nicole Kidman) and Perry’s (Alexander Skarsgård) home.

I won’t talk too much about the plot, because it’s full of mystery, and I don’t want to spoil anything in a case that you’ve heard about the show and you have a plan to watch it. I’ll just concentrate on the interior.


So ‘Big Little Lies’ is officially back in 2019 with the second season. Not only that the second season was confirmed, it’s also revealed that one and only – Meryl Streep will join the cast. How awesome is that?


So, as you’ve probably noticed, this house is way different from Madeline’s (Reese Witherspoon) home. This is made on purpose because the home decoration reflects people personality, and unlike Reese’s character, Celeste and Perry are not traditional, conventional and their home is neither.

Their home is a modern, cube house with a Pacific view and lots of windows, mirrors, and open-concept space. Their terrace is big, stylish and it’s the first thing that we saw when the show started, so that’s where I’ll also start my overview.



Their terrace is probably everybody’s dream. I just can imagine myself just lying down, doing nothing, and watching the ocean over there during the whole day. But, that’s not the life these two have chosen for themselves, they decided to complicate it, at least one of them. But, I suppose that it wouldn’t be interesting watching the show without some action – good or bad.

Here are some similar pieces that I’ve found in some online stores that you can order to get Nicole Kidman’s terrace look at your own outdoor area.

Fire Pit Table


Price: $3,295.45

Bellanova Aluminum Fire Pit Table is a great choice for a terrace or a backyard decorated similarly to Celeste’s outdoor area. This fire pit table combines modern elements with traditional and brings a unique look to any home’s outdoor space.

Constance Teak Outdoor Patio Furniture Club Chair with Cushions



Price: $1,029.99

Constance Teak Outdoor Patio Furniture Club Chair with Cushions could look great in any modern outdoor space. It has similar open slatted details that give a breezy look to your terrace. This chair is a sturdy and durable piece that is crafted from solid teak wood. Sunbrella cushion that gives extra comfort is included.

Monterey Dining Chair With Cushions



Price: $609.00

Well, that outdoor dining chair looks almost identical to the one from ‘Big Little Lies’ set, and how awesome is that it’s also called Monterey chair? Its design is a thoughtful ode to the breathtaking city located on the bay in California, which is a place where this home is located.



Celeste and Perry are not fans of cooking, so the intimate scene is almost the only one where the kitchen could be seen, so I tried to take the screenshot before the dirty part, and most of the kitchen could be seen from this screenshot.

Their kitchen, unlike the rest of the home, is simple, cozy and not big at all, as we could expect from a huge home like theirs. It’s decorated in mid-century modern style, and dominant colors are light wood, and turquoise.

Here are a few almost identical pieces of kitchen furniture that you can order at affordable prices to get the look of their cozy kitchen.

Wireback Bar Stool



Price: $255.00

Wireback dining and bar stools are very popular in last few years in kitchen decoration. These pieces are made similar in style to Harry Bertoia’s bent wire chair designs that originated in the 1950’s, and they blend into modern homes perfectly.

Westley Bentwood Chair, Set Of 2, Turquoise



Westley Bentwood Chair comes in a set of two, and these dining chairs could be a beautiful addition to a mid-century kitchen or dining room like Celeste’s. These chairs come in six finished, but these turquoise ones are the best choice for getting the look from the kitchen set.

Price: $189.99

Viborg Mid Century Side Chair With Wood Base



Viborg Mid Century Side Chair With Wood Base looks pretty much like the chair that’s located in a small workspace with a writing desk. The finish of the writing desk matches with a finish of light wood kitchen cabinets, and the turquoise color of that mid-century chair matches with a color of dining chairs. These chairs also come in a set of two.

Price: $405.00

Living Room

Like I mentioned before, their beautiful home features an open plan so the living room is connected with the dining room, foyer and a hallway that we can see at the following screenshots.


Like in the outdoor and kitchen, tones of turquoise and azzure blue are dominant here, but they really stand out in living room together with tones of beige and white. We have some elements of modern and some elements of mid-century style.


Large mirrors are present in almost every room of this beautiful home. The one in the living room is probably the largest and most beautiful one.

Large Floor Mirros



Price: $525.00

White Full Length Floor Mirror by Latitude Run is very similar to the actual mirror from the set. It’s great choice if you want to open up a smaller space in your home, which is not the case in Celeste’s big home. Here is probably added as a great addition to a living room that will give her a place where she could check her look in the mornings. It can also be added to a wall, and turned into a horizontal position.

Azzure Upholstered Fabric Wingback Armchair



Price: $465.81

Keen Upholstered Fabric Armchair is slightly different from the real chair from the set, but it could definitely be a part of one ocean view home with a living room where the azzure tones dominate. This piece like the one from the set will add a mid-century chair to a home and give it a unique and homey feeling.

Monroe 3-Piece Sectional Sofa



Price: $3,478.00

Well, I found a great sofa that could look awesome in a home like Celeste and Perry’s. It’s Monroe 3-Piece Sectional Sofa. And that is a sofa available in 48 colors, and none of them is identical to the one from the set. The one I uploaded is the closest that I could find, but I’m sure that one of these 48 colors should work with your living room if you decide to order it. This sofa is a 3-Piece Sectional from Kyle Schunemanthat that is a work of ultra-modern art, and it could easily be a part of a home like the one from ‘Big Little Lies’. It’s also one high-quality piece of furniture with a solid wood frame and cleanable and breathable hypo-allergenic fabrics.


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