Decorate Your Apartment in ‘Two Broke Girls’ Style

“Two broke girls” is a sitcom that describes the everyday life of two waitresses located in Brooklyn. One of them is Max, a girl who’s been struggling with money her entire life and that works in a local diner, as well as a babysitter.

Her apartment is the place where most of the scenes happen, and the series becomes interesting when she meets former rich girl, Caroline, who’s forced into waitressing after she lost her home and all the money, and she moves in with her.


So, even though this apartment is located in Brooklyn, and despite the fact that Max is working several jobs, it’s not very likely that these two girls could really afford this place. This apartment has a large living room with a messy open kitchen, a bedroom where Max sleeps, and a bathroom. The backyard is used for Chestnut, Caroline’s horse, and he’s the only thing that hasn’t been taken from her after her dad’s fraud.


After Caroline finds out that Max is baking the best cupcakes, she got a plan to start a cupcake business with Max, with her as the baker and Caroline as the business head, so they start saving as much as they can with all expenses they have, as two broke girls.

The apartment where they live is simple, messy, but at the same time stylish and girly. It has various pieces of art, as well as some vintage pieces of furniture that are giving a class to this place.

I managed to find a few pieces that look very similar to the ones from the set, and that could look great in an apartment inspired by this one.

Palliser Furniture Sofa



Price: $1,159.99

Palliser Furniture Sleeper looks very similar to the real one from the set. It manufactured by Brayden Studio, and it’s available in other colors.

Odin Sphere Pouf



Price: $144.00

Odin Sphere Pouf Ottoman looks pretty much the same as the ottoman from the set. This stylish piece will add a natural, retro note, and a warm feeling to any home. It’s crafted from tufted jute and filled with recycled material, so it provides the best comfort.

Star Glass Top Coffee Table, American Walnut



Price: $748.00

This stylish Star Glass Top Coffee Table looks like the one from the set, and it gives a modern vibe to this apartment. It features a star-shaped American walnut base topped with a round 1/2″ tempered glass top, so the quality is ensured.

Old Leather Chair



Price: $643.99

Glen Distressed Whiskey Arm Chair could fit perfectly into an apartment inspired by “Two Broke Girls”. Top grain leather gives it a tan elegant look without compromising comfort and takes it a new level of sophistication.

Murphy Bed



Price: $3,340.00

Before they got a Murphy bed, Caroline used to sleep on an uncomfortable sofa. This bed by Wade Logan looks a bit different from the one from the set, but it could fit easily into an apartment decorated in Max and Caroline’s style.

Retro Fridge



Price: $2,181.05

This retro fridge looks almost exactly like the one from Max and Caroline’s kitchen area, but its price is not exactly the one that “two broke girls” could afford, but again, they really couldn’t afford the apartment either. This fridge is also available in other colors.

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