Decorate A Room In F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Style – Central Perk

Coffee Shop Friends

We all remember a good old TV Show ‘Friends’, it was the most popular TV show from the ’90s. This little group of friends use to hang out all the time at the coffee shop called Central Perk, and it one of the principal settings of the series.

Central Perk is in New York City’s Greenwich Village, really close to Monica’s apartment. For the first three seasons of the show, Rachel was working a the coffee house as a waitress, and in a season six, Joey also becomes Central Perk’s waiter.
Phoebe Buffay was a regular entertainer at the coffee shop, singing and playing her songs like the famous “Smelly Cat”.

Since this setting is one of the most famous TV show sets of all times, I decided to write one article about Central Perk’s interior and furniture.

Central-perk (1)

The Orange Couch

The large orange couch is the most recognizable furniture item from Central Perk coffee house. Chandler, Joey, Monica, Rachel, Ross, and Phoebe usually sit at this exact couch. We found some similar pieces of furniture that you can buy in US online stores if you want to redecorate your space in Central Perk’s style.

It is an interesting fact that an original sofa was pulled out of the Warner Bros Studios basement storage.

Chesterfield Sofa, Burnt Orange



Price: $1,483.02

This beautiful traditional sofa from the Brittney collection is a great choice for decorating a room in a Central Perk’s style. The sofa is easy to clean by using a mild water-free solvent or dry cleaning product. It is constructed from a hardwood so the strength and durability are provided. With hand-tufted seat cushions with fiber, comfort is also guaranteed.

Coffee Table

I couldn’t find exactly the same coffee table like the one from the set on US furniture stores, but we found two similar, beautiful rustic coffee tables that could be a great choice for redecorating a space into a Central Perk’s style.

Saturia Reclaimed Fir Rustic Rectangular Coffee Table



Price: $657.80

Saturia Coffee Table is a beautiful coffee table that is crafted from reclaimed fir, the hand-turned columns and carved details. Its rustic design and beautiful appearance look similar to the actual coffee table from Friends set.

Rustic Coffee Table with Shelf



Price: $489.00

Rustic Coffee Table with Shelf is an elegant table, crafted from a reclaimed wood that could also be a great choice for decorating interiors in Central Perk style. The color is original and it cannot be reproduced, and it reminds a lot of the original table’s color.

Central Perk

Green Chair

Portfolio Capri Moss Green Microfiber Arm Chair and Ottoman


Central perk Green Chair

Sale Price: $376.19 (Normal Price: $665.65)

This stylish and traditional green chair is very similar to the one from the Central Perk. Frame material is wood with a 100-percent polyester microfiber that provides durability, it is stain-resistant and very easy to maintain. In this offer is also included an ottoman from the same collection that also is constructed from a solid hardwood. Wooden legs on the chair and ottoman are finished in a dark mahogany finish.

Traditional Rug



Price: $1,137.50 for size 4′ x 6′

This traditional area rug will fit in very well in a room decorated in a Central Perk style. Kazak Hand-Knotted Brown Area Rug by Darya rugs is made with tradition, by using hand-knotting. Its timeless uniform patterns and floral motifs will look very stylish in any space.

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