Decorate Your Home In TBBT Style: Penny’s Apartment

Apartment 4B is a place where Penny lived for years until she moved across the hall with her husband, Leonard.
Unlike apartment 4a, former Leonard and Sheldon’s place, this apartment was a little bit chaotic and messy, but still cozy and girly.

This apartment is smaller than apartment across the hall, having only one bedroom, and open floor plan where the living room, kitchen and dining room are part of the same room. The bathroom is accessible only through the bedroom.

In the last season, Sheldon and Amy used this apartment for a trial period of a few weeks in living together, but later they decided to move in formally.

Since they moved in, the apartment is no longer so messy and girly. Sheldon brought some geek props into it, like Game Of Thrones sword, so this apartment is receiving Sheldon’s personality.

Knockin' on Penny's Door

Living Room

Living Room when Penny was living in the appartment

sheldon-and-amy-fun-with-flags Living Room After Sheldon and Amy moved in

Colorful Chair



Soren Chair, Painter’s Palette is the real chair from the set, and it will fit perfectly to a space designed in Penny’s girly style and it’s a great choice for every modern living or dining room.
Its form is made with the unique design that and the high-quality materials so it will serve you well for years to come.

Coffee Table


Lack Coffee Table

Price: $39.99

Lack coffee table is a beautiful modern addition to a girly apartment. The table has a separate shelf for magazines and other items so a top of the table could be clear. This table can be cleaned very easily by using a damp cloth and a mild cleaner. It is available in three different colors.




Price: $29.99

This charming green curtain is made of super soft fabric and the texture is refined with a special polyester yarn. The curtain is available in four different sizes and many different colors. These curtains will keep the light out and provide you an optimal thermal isolation.




Price: $399.00

Klippan loveseat from Ikea is the sofa used on the set for apartment 4B. This model is introduced in the 1980s and it’s still a favorite piece of furniture in many modern homes.




Price: From $71.96 to $1,325.00

The rug from the set is a simple, clean beige rug that could be a great addition to any living room. This rug is a casual allure of contemporary Tibetan carpets. It is loomed by hand in India of 100 percent wool.

Canvas Director’s Chair



Price: $64.99

Orange Director’s Chair was a part of apartment 4B for many seasons. This piece of furniture is very functional because it folds up and out easily, so you can move it around your home or transport it for special occasions.


Evil Red Chair

We all remember that episode where Penny gets a new red chair to her apartment. Everyone liked the chair until they all found out that the chair is picked up from the street. This chair is not picked up from the street, or the same chair from the picture, but it is very similar and will look great if you choose to decorate your room in Penny’s chaotic girly style.


Red Armchair

Price: $289.00

While we couldn’t find a rodent infested chair you could buy online in the USA, you could – if you really wanted to – buy a rat separately and infest the chair yourself.


Rat for the Penny style chair

This rat is called “Male Fancy Rat” and while they never showed the rat in the chair in the episode in question, it’s the one we imagine would be inside.

Price: $10.99



Bar Stool


Wooden Bar Stool

Price: $135.80

This charming wooden bar stool is very similar to the one from the set. This classically designed chair is natural wood finished and designed for commercial use, it is suitable for every home. The chair comes with two years warranty for parts provided by the manufacturer.

Dining Area


Dining Table


Wooden Extendable Table

Price: $199.00

Ikea’s Bjursta table is the same table from the picture above. The table is extendable with 2 extra seats so you can adjust the table size according to your room. It is made from solid wood which provides you good quality and durability. The table is easy to clean and maintain and you can have it for an affordable price.

Dining Chairs


Price: $285.00

Baxton Studio Sparrow Dining Chairs could fit very well with the table above. These chairs are cozy, durable and made with a rubberwood frame, walnut finished, and with a foam cushion. The chairs are simple and stylish pieces of furniture that could bring some simple elegance to your dining area. You can buy this set for a very affordable price.




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