Decorate Your Home In Modern Family Style: Phil And Claire’s House

Modern Family Phil and Claire

The Dunphy’s with their three kids, Haley, Alex, and Luke are the largest family in Modern Family show. They live in a beautiful big house with an impressive interior and exterior. It is interesting information that the interior shots are filmed on a built set and not in a house where the exteriors scenes are filmed.

If you are a fan of that interior, you will like this post. It is about decorating your home in their style. We took some time to find products similar to Dunphy’s furniture and make your decorating job a lot easier.

Living Room

Modern Family  Dunphy Living Room

Dunphy Living Room


On these two pictures above you can see the same room taken from different angles. The room is contemporarily designed with a very cozy look that represents a typically big and chaotic family. We tried to find similar furniture on US online stores to make it easier for you to decorate your home the way they did.




Price: $1,199.99

Carlton sofa is a stylish and cozy piece of furniture that will look perfect in a contemporary living room. It is crafted with attention to quality and detail, and if you want you can order it with custom fabric. It can be used also without the slipcover.

Arm Chair



Price: $369.99

Carlyle Armchair is a classic and stylish piece of furniture that will easily fit in any living room. It’s a bit different in a comparison with the original accent chair from the ‘Modern Family’ set, but it would be a great addition to a living room inspired by Dunphy family home.




Price: $95.99 (Set of 2)

Corded Colorful Outdoor Sunbrella Lumbar Pillow has a very similar design to the real decorative pillow from the set (look the first and third image from this post). The price is for a set of two pillows. These pillows are great to use for both indoor and outdoor.




Kaleen Heirloom Collection Rug, 5’x7’9″ is a traditionally designed rug that will be a classy addition to any home’s living room. This rug is magnificently made with hand-tufted construction, and it features a beautiful, floral design that will add a touch of sophistication to your home. The material is 100% wool and it is manufactured by Kaleen skilled artisans in exotic Eastern India.



Dunphy’s kitchen is really big and beautiful. Contemporary design with some rustic details makes this kitchen unique and special. We found a few products on US stores that could make your kitchen similar to Phil and Claire’s.

Decorative Plates and Mug



Price: $20.00



Price: $80.00 (Set of 4)

Table Set



Price: $1,027.60 (For Set Of 7)

Pimentel 7 Piece Dining Set looks very similar to the dining set from the ‘Modern Family’ set. The set includes one table and chairs. It is crafted from rubberwood that is tough and eco-friendly. It’s also available as a 9 piece set (eight chairs and table).




Price: $179.00

Desert Gabbeh Hand-Knotted Brown/Orange/Gold Area Rug Striped Rug is inspired by warm colors of a western landscape and makes this charming rug casual and elegant. It’s a little bit darker than a real rug from the set, but it will be great to a home decoration inspired by the Dunphy family kitchen.




Price: $129.99

This 26″ Swivel Bar Stool by Mod Made is a great choice for the kitchen island or a bar area. It is easy to move and not too big so it fits almost everywhere in the house. The design is simple but attractive and the contrast of the colors is subtle but pleasant.


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