Decorate Your Home In Modern Family Style: Mitchell And Cameron’s House

Mitchell and Cameron

In the “Modern Family” TV show, Cameron and Mitchell are a gay couple who lives in a Spanish-style duplex with their adopted daughter Lilly. The exterior scenes are filmed in the house from the picture below, and interior scenes are filmed on the set. Today we are going to write about the interior and try to find some similar furniture products in the US online stores and make the job of decorating your home in Mitchell and Cameron’s style easier for you.

Mitchell and Cameron's House

Living Room



Mitchell and Cameron’s living room is somewhere in the middle between Jay and Gloria’s ultra-modern home and Phil and Claire’s more traditionally decorated home. The room is simply decorated but looks very cozy. The green walls are a great choice for the room’s color palette that is so neutral.

Arm Sofa


Price: $473.91

This charming sofa is Serta Carmina Sofa. It could fit into Pritchett-Tucker inspired home very easily, thanks to its neutral simplicity and transitional design. It is simple to maintain and very comfortable. This sofa is also available in charcoal, gray, and sand finish.

Coffee Table


Price: $178.99

Jamestown Coffee Table is a beautiful combination of a contemporary and rustic style that is specific to the interior of Cam and Mitch’s house. With the poplar wood and metal tube, the durability and strength of this coffee table are guaranteed.

Arm Chair



Price: $3,899

This charming chair is manufactured by Kristin Drohan Collection and it will fit into any living room inspired by Mitch and Cam’s style very easily. It is a bit different but at the same time, it is similar to the accent chair from Mitch and Cam’s living room. The chair’s frame is crafted from a solid maple wood and upholstery is linen look cotton. It is also hypoallergenic, flame retardant free and proudly MADE in the USA.

Vanderkolff Couch


In the episode ‘Strangers in the night’ in season 6, Cam and Mitch bought a new sofa. This sofa is beautiful, glamorous, white and very expensive. It was designed by the ‘famous’ furniture designer Vanderkolff.

However, this designer is fictional, and if you’d like to buy a sofa that looks the one from the set, you don’t have to spend a fortune like Mitch and Cam. ๐Ÿ™‚


This sofa looks pretty much the same as the sofa from the set. It’s white, spacious, high-quality and designed in a glam style. If you don’t prefer white color for the sofa, this one is also available in brown, black and silver color. You should just add some white decorative pillow to it, and your room can look just luxurious like the one from the set.




Price: $25.99 to $433.90

Lawton Beige Area Rug is a rug that will fit easily in an interior inspired by Mitch and Camโ€™s house. Itโ€™s a contemporary rug that will look nice in any living room thanks to its neutral colors. Also, itโ€™s very affordable. This rug is available in multiple sizes.

Dining Room


Mitchell and Cameron’s dining room is very stylish and sophisticated and at the same time decorated very simply with minimalism. We found some products from some US-based online stores that look very similar to the ones from the image above and that could look great in your dining room.

Dining Table



Price: $3,827.00

Elan Furniture Port Dining Table is a perfect table for the dining room decorated in Mitchell and Cameron’s style. The table is crafted from solid maple, while the base is steel. It belongs to Port collection and comes with 20 years of warranty. The table is made in the USA.



Price: $275.99 (Set)

This set of two is a great addition to your neutral color dining room. It is very similar to the chairs from Mitchell and Cameron’s dining room. It is a simple transitional chair that could bring some elegance into your room. Its legs are made with a solid wood finish, while the upholstery is a pure linen fabric with comfortable, padded seating.




Price: $129.99(24” W x 36” L)

Elizabeth Dark Brown Area Rug is a great choice for your contemporary dining room, living room or entryway. It’s very similar to the dark brown rug from the ‘Modern Family’ set, and you can have it for a very affordable price. This rug is handcrafted from 100% wool.

New Redecorated Kitchen

If you didn’t start to watch new, 9th season, you might want to stop reading this, because we have some spoilers in the further text! ๐Ÿ™‚


In the third episode of season nine, Mitch and Cam’s kitchen is burned. We won’t say who did this to not spoil too much. And in episode six, the new kitchen is finally revealed, and we can all agree that looks amazing. There are some elements of traditional like white cabinets and prep table, some elements of modern like a round glass table, large, gray fridge, etc. and there are some mid-century elements that complete its look and give it the homey atmosphere like gorgeous mid-20th century modern, wireback chair.

Dining Table



Price: $1,215.00

Galaxy Dining Table looks almost identical to the original dining table from the set. This table is made by Casabianca Home, and it belongs to the Galaxy collection, so you can combine it with products from the collection. Its construction is chrome and clear glass, and its design features clean, modern lines, so it’s a perfect, sophisticated addition to any contemporary kitchen inspired by Mitch and Cam’s.

Wireback Side Chair



Price: $109.00

Wireback Side Chair was the first thing I noticed when this kitchen was revealed. Its sophisticated and chic mid-20th-century appearance makes this chair an awesome addition to any kitchen or dining space. Its seating pads are available in several colors.

White Kitchen Cart



Price: $586.00

This White Kitchen Cart looks very similar to the one from the set and brings a touch of traditional elegance to the contemporary kitchen. Like Mitch and Cam, many couples decide to combine contemporary and traditional elements when remodeling, and if you choose carefully, the result might be awesome.
This card is also very functional and high-quality piece with a durable stainless steel top and plenty of space for dishes, cutlery, and all other kitchenware. Its construction is a combination of solid wood and engineered wood.

Home Sign Wall Dรฉcor


Price: $25.99

I didn’t find the exact ‘Home’ sign although I was searching many US-based online stores, but I found this awesome home decor piece. Its colors could fit perfectly into Mitchell and Cameron’s kitchen color palette, and it’s a perfect addition to make your kitchen space homey and cozy. Also, you can get it for more than an affordable price.

Upstairs Apartment


In the last season, Cam’s sister Pameron Jessica “Pam” Tucker moved to the upstarts apartment in Mitch and Cam’s duplex home with her baby. We found out that two of them are also owners of this apartment, which they use to rent and earned extra cash, before Pam’s arrival. We all know that Mitchell is not happy with her presence, but who would blame him – he can’t make money from rental, and she’s very annoying! ๐Ÿ™‚

So, from this season we can see more upstarts apartment, and we love it. It’s decorated in a similar way as Mitch and Cam’s downstairs apartment.

Carlinworth Armchair



Price: $375.99

Carlinworth Armchair is a piece of furniture that will add a unique touch of any home’s living room, and at the same time it looks almost identical to the original arm chair from the set. This is a piece that you’ll use after a long day at work while comfortably resting and watching TV or reading a book, and you’ll love it.

Furniture of America Ammie Transitional Accent Chair in Black and White



Price: $366.00

Furniture of America Ammie Transitional Accent Chair in Black and White is also a great choice for Modern Family inspired home. This accent chair is designed as the soft cushioning for the best comfort, while its rounded back provides extended support for you and your guests.


Caidence Desk


Price: $287.00

The writing desk from the upstairs apartment adds mid-century modern charm to a room, and Caidence Desk looks very much alike. This desk is also a high-quality piece that is made from 100% solid Moso bamboo and it contains NO MDF, plywood, or particleboard. Moso bamboo is Eco-friendly and rapidly renewable.


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