Decorate An Apartment In Howard And Bernadette’s Style – TBBT

In The Big Bang Theory show, Howard and Bernadette are the only married couple. They started dating in season 3, got engaged in season 4 and finally got married at the final episode of season 5. They moved in together after Howard’s return from the space at season 6.

The apartment use to be Bernadette’s place at first until Howard moved in. Apartment’s number is 306. It is small and cozy, and it reminds a bit at a Penny’s place, but it’s a less chaotic.

Howard and Bernadette

Living Room

Howard and Bernadette’s living room is small, cozy and a great combination of sets of Leonard’s and Penny’s apartment. It is a bit messier that Sheldon and Leonard’s apartment, but way less chaotic that a Penny’s place.


Orange Accent Chair


Round Orange Chair with Metal base

Price: $410.40 (Set of 2)

This charming orange chair is not the same accent chair like on the picture above, but it is very similar. They are both orange, round-shaped and they both have a metal base. This set of chairs has faux leather upholstery, and unlike the chair from the set, these chairs’ height is adjustable.

Coffee Table


Triangle Coffee Table

Special Price: $659.00 (down from $845.00)

BDI USA Dino 43.75″ Coffee Table is a perfect piece of furniture for your apartment if you’re considering decorating it in Howard and Bernadette’s style. It is very similar to the coffee table from the TV set. The glass top and beveled lower shelf are securely attached to satin-nickel finished steel legs. It’s a great addition to a small living room, especially if you already have small sectionals or sofa like Howard and Bernie.


Hemp French Linen Curtain

Price: $129.00 (Per panel)

This curtain is similar to the one from the set, and it will add a bit of sophistication to any living room’s window. It is rated with a grade of 4.9. Also, it is available in many different colors, so you can choose the best for your living room.


We couldn’t find exact match of the couch that is on the set, but we found two similar sofas that should fit easily in Howard and Bernadette’s living room.


Blue Sofa Howard and Bernadette

Price: $1,729.99

Abbey Sofa by My Chic Nest is very similar to the sofa from the set. Standard design with wood frame and velvet upholstery make this charming sofa, both simple and beautiful. Unlike the sofa from the set, this sofa also features a unique “staircase” design that will bring some originality into every living room.

Accent Chair


Ikea Accent Chair

Price: $149.00

Ikea’s POÄNG Chair is a perfect choice for you if you decide to decorate a living room in Howard and Bernadette’s style. It is soft, durable, simple and easy to take care of. We can see Howard on the picture on top of the article sitting on one very similar accent chair. It is available in many different frames and cover colors. The price is very affordable.


Howard and Bernadette’s bedroom is simple, comfortable and tidy. There’s also a big bedroom closet we remember Sheldon organized in the episode “The Closet Reconfiguration”.

Howard and Bernadette dressed like smurfs



Beige Queen Size Bed

Price: $1,790.10

Chadwick is very similar to the one bed in the picture above. Items included in this offer are headboard, frame and rails. Frame material is metal. It is not compatible with the storage system, nor with a pillow top or foam mattresses.



Wallmart Metal Table Lamp

Price: $54.46

A great combination of simple and fancy makes this lamp perfect for your bedroom. It is versatile, so it would complement nearly any home decor scheme. The price is very affordable and if you want a detail that will make your bedroom look like a Howard and Bernadette’s room, this lamp is the right choice.

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