Decorate An Apartment In F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Style – Monica’s Place

Last time we wrote about Central Perk, a coffee shop that all the friends use to hang out all the time. Today we are going to write about Monica’s apartment. All the six friends use to live in that apartment in the time of the show.
Also, almost every Christmas and Thanksgiving episode was taken in Monica’s apartment.

Monica Geller’s apartment is one of the most famous TV apartments of all times. This apartment belongs to the Monica’s grandma who let her to stay there after she moved to Florida. That story explains a fact that Monica could afford such an expensive apartment working as a chef.

It’s an interesting fact that two doors, the one to bedroom and guest room were fake entries. On the other side of the wall was a set of the Central Perk and the bedrooms were only put together when it was needed.

The apartment is at 90 Bedford Street in New York and right across the apartment of Chandler and Joey.


Living Room

Monica's Apartment

Ektorp Chair


Ikea ektorp

It’s an interesting fact that you will find the same Ikea’s Ektorp chair in Leonard and Sheldon’s living room from TBBT show. This armchair is simple and stylish so it makes it perfect addition for a living room. The cover is removable, so it is very easy for cleaning and maintaining – it can be machine washed, but it is important to wash the cover separately.

Price: $249.00

Love seat


Price: $2,174.25

This is a charming piece of furniture that is a great choice for a room inspired by Monica’s style. It’s a perfect solution for a room where you want to relax and entertain equally. Its frame is made from hardwood and engineered wood, and the upholstery is cotton with down fill. The legs are mahogany finished.

Coffee Table



Price: $756.00

Hutchings Coffee Table by Darby Home Co® is very similar to the one coffee table from the picture. This rustic coffee table is constructed from manufactured wood with solid wood veneers. The table is spacious and on the bottom shelf is enough space for books, magazines or other items you don’t need on the top of the table.

Console Cabinet



Price: $1,199.33

Classic Walnut Console Cabinet is a bit different from a real console cabinet from the set, but yet it’s similar enough to fit in a space like Monica’s living room. It’s made of selected solid woods, wood products and choice veneers with scored cherry veneer top. This product is a high quality piece of furniture, and it will serve you for years if you decide to buy it. Assembly is not required.


Monica's Kitchen

Dining Table


Dining Table Monica's Apartment

Price: $435.98

This simple, stylish round dining table is a perfect choice for your small dinning space. The table belongs to the Fresno collection and can be combined with another product from the same collection. It is made of solid oak wood with a rustic oak finish. This product also comes with one year warranty.

Dining Chair

On Friends set, mix of these chairs around the kitchen table varied over the seasons.
All of these dining chairs from the image above are different, so we found a few dining chairs from US based online stores that could easily fit in an apartment inspired by Monica’s.



Price: $189.99 for Set of 2

Fabiano Side Chair is a simple dining chair for an interior decorated in a rustic style. These chairs are durable and sturdy thanks to its wood construction. They are also available in other finishes.



Price: $129.99 for set of 2

David Side Chair will look awesome in a farmhouse-chic dining room or kitchen. This dining chair is constructed from sturdy rubber wood and it features a wooden seat and a stylish cross back.



Price: $91.99

Valdosta Side Chair is a simple dining chair, design to fit in a dining room or a kitchen decorated in a rustic, cottage style. This dining chair is also available in other finish options.

And, do you remember that vintage refrigerator from the kitchen?

Well, it actually worked and was kept stocked for the crew and the cast.

And the poster behind the TV, well it was there to hide a hole in the wall that cameras often use to film through.



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