6 Beautiful Swing Chairs for Contemporary Outdoor Spaces

If you want to improve the time that you’re spending in your backyard during spring and summer days, and add a comfortable piece of furniture to it, a swing chair is a great choice.

These chairs will ensure that you have all the comfort you need, and at the same time they will add a special charm and luxurious touch to your outdoor space.

I wend through US based online stores, trying to find the perfect ones for contemporary outdoor spaces like terraces or garden, and here/s an overview of six swing chairs that I liked the best.

Gamble Swing Chair with Stand

From: wayfair.com


Price: $460.99

Gamble Swing Chair with Stand is a stylish and very comfortable piece that could be an amazing addition to any contemporary outdoor space, but you can also use it indoor, and all your friends and family will love it. Its base is a weather synthetic woven rattan, and its surface is durable, powder-coated. The construction of this chair is a steel in a black finish.

Destiny Swing Chair

From: allmodern.com


Price: $487.99

Destiny Swing chair could be a great addition to any outdoor area, but it’s also great choice for indoor space. It’s a unique piece of furniture that will add a chic style to any space. This chair is also a high-quality piece, with a sturdy iron frame and it is also weather and UV resistant, so it could be a part of your home for years.

Tock Wicker Blue Cushion Outdoor Swing

From: houzz.com


Price: $809.00

Tock Wicker Blue Cushion Outdoor Swing by Home Gear is a beautiful piece that will ensure that you have the best comfort in your outdoor area like terrace or backyard. This swing chair will create a beautiful, coastal look in your outdoor space. Its steel coated base and frame provides the best stability while the premium coated wicker ensures extra durability.

Stainless Swinging Chair

From: houzz.com


Price: $2,990.00

Stainless Swinging Chair is a gorgeous piece of furniture that will create a unique look for your outdoor space. This is also a high-quality piece with a sturdy and strong, stainless steel frame and with a comfy reticulated foam RetiMaster cushion. This chair is waterproof and UV resistant, durable and can be exposed in all weather elements.

Patio Egg Swing

From: houzz.com


Price: $1,939.00

Patio Egg Swing by D-Art Collection, Inc is a beautiful piece of outdoor furniture that could bring a touch of a classic elegance for you home, and all your guests will love it. This chair is a sturdy, durable and weather resistant thanks to its strong metal frame.

Hanging Bamboo Scoop Chair

From: amazon.com


Price: $2,880.00

Hanging Bamboo Chair is a beautiful outdoor furniture piece that combines elements of traditional and modern. It can be used both indoor and outdoor. Includes 60″ of hanging rope.

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