Top 7 Mid-Century Modern Sideboards For Your Home

Many people, including me, just adore a mid-century modern furniture. This furniture is classy and gives a stylish and natural look to any home. If you’re also a fan of this furniture style, and you’re searching for a perfect sideboard to your dining room or a living room, then you should check out this overview of top seven sideboards designed for mid-century inspired homes.

O2 Sideboard



Price: $2,165.00

O2 sideboard by Moe’s furniture is a beautiful piece of furniture that will improve the look of any home. If you think that you’ve already seen in somewhere, it’s because it’s used on a set of The Big Bang Theory in Howard and Bernadette’s living room.

Reclaimed Wood Sideboard



Price: $4,950.00

Reclaimed Wood Sideboard is a beautiful sideboard, inspired by Danish mid-century modern designs and constructed of a solid mindi wood. Thanks to its stunning appearance and bright colors of the doors and drawers, this sideboard will add a chic look to any home.

Alma Sideboard, Solid American Walnut, Natural Walnut Finish, Defined Shapes



Price: $7,920.00

Alma Sideboard will look amazing in any mid-century inspired home. It’s a stylish combination of a mid-century retro and contemporary style, so it also fits in a variety of interiors. The legs are made of steel, and the construction material is from Americal walnut wood, while it’s crafted in Italy.

Green and Yellow Alma Sideboard



Price: $2,199.00

Green and Yellow Alma Sideboard is a chic piece of furniture that will give a life to any space with its bright colors and beautiful design. This sideboard is constructed from MDF Board with Natural Wood Veneer, while the base is solid ash wood.

Mott Sideboard by Modloft



Price: $1,599.00

Mott Sideboard by Modloft is a piece of furniture that looks really classy and gives a sophisticated touch to a home. It’s available in several different finishes. It’s constructed from composite wood, natural veneer (or polyurethane lacquer) and powder-coated steel.

Moe’s Sienna Sideboard in Walnut



Price: $2,799.00

Moe’s Sienna Sideboard in Walnut is a classic mid-century piece of furniture that will look perfect in retro fan’s home. It features more than enough storage space it three drawers and one big closed compartment.The back are metal covered, while the rest of its construction is walnut veneer and MDF.

Mobital Groovy Dining Buffet in Natural Walnut



Price: $1,789.00

Mobital Groovy Dining Buffet in Natural Walnut is a stylish piece of furniture that will look great in any living room or a dining room because its design that is a beautiful mic of mid-century and contemporary style.

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