Top 7 Floral Armchairs For Any Living Room

An armchair with floral pattern is definitely a piece that could improve the look of any space and add a unique touch to it. If you’re trying to find the perfect one, we’ve picked top seven armchairs from US based online stores that we liked the most.

Souders Tufted Armchair



Price: $184.99

Souders Tufted Armchair is a beautiful and affordable arm chair that’s perfect choice for a traditionally decorated space with a blue as a dominant color. This arm chair is also a high-quality product with a plywood and birch frame, wooden legs and foam fill.

Degraffenreid Armchair



Price: $349.99

Degraffenreid Armchair is a chic piece of furniture that will add a funky twist to your traditional living room thanks to its yellow tones a chic floral pattern. This arm chair is constructed from a manufactured wood with solid wood veneers, and the upholstery is 100% cotton.

Floral Armchair



Price: $182.99

This beautiful Floral Armchair could be an awesome addition to your contemporary living room. This arm chair has a beautiful floral pattern in neutral tones, so it will fit in a variety of decors. Its frame is made from a manufacture wood, and the upholstery is polyester.

Elyse Arm Chair



Price: $239.99

Elyse Arm Chair is an eye-cathing arm chair with a firm seat, and beautiful and elegant appearance. It is constructed from hardwood, and the upholstery materials are 93% polyurethane and 7% resin.

Ronda Arm Chair



Price: $343.99

Ronda Arm Chair is an elegant piece of furniture with a paisley motif that will add a touch of a sophistication to your living room. Its cushion is firm, but very comfortable. It is constructed from birch and hardwood, and it is upholstered in a lush cotton linen blend.

Carbone Arm Chair



Price: $674.99

Carbone Arm Chair is a little bit an extravagant piece of furniture that will add a original look to your home. This arm chair has MDF seat construction and frame finish, while the upholstery is polyester.

Furniture of America Daffy Upholstered Accent Chair in Gray



Price: $1,579.00

Furniture of America Daffy Upholstered Accent Chair in Gray is a high-end piece of furniture and definitely the most expensive piece from our list. This arm chair will add a touch of a style and luxurious elegance to your home, and its combination of gray and yellow color is simply perfect. This arm chair is constructed from solid wood with a fabric upholstery and high-density foam filled cushion that is also removable.

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