7 Narrow Console Tables for Contemporary Homes

Console tables are great pieces of furniture that you can use in your living space, bedroom or a foyer. When the space is small and limited, the narrow console table might be the best choice. And, if it happens that you’re trying to find the perfect narrow console table for your contemporary home, I made a list of seven ones that I liked the best, and you can order them easily from US based online stores. The price range is from $121.82 to $3,790.00.

Forteau Console Table

From: allmodern.com


Price: $299.99

Forteau Console Table is a stylish and functional piece of furniture that combines modern and farmhouse styles. This console table features a rectangular top and lower shelf that provide plenty of space for your books, magazines, potted plants, and the mail. The top material is a laminated MDF, and the metal base is painted black to blend with any color palette.

Valmer Console Table

From: allmodern.com


Price: $668.99

Valmer Console Table is a beautiful and high-quality piece that could improve the look of any home and bring a warm and special touch to it. It features two opened shelves that provide more than enough storage space for all your items, and the strong metal legs provide the best support.

Stamford Console Table

From: wayfair.com


Price: $121.82

This Console Table could be a gorgeous and functional addition to any home. This piece is sleek and streamlined, and it will create a nice, contemporary atmosphere to your living room or foyer. After assembly, it supports up to 25 pounds.

Massengalen Console Table

From: wayfair.com


Price: $249.00

Console Table creates a beautiful combination of contemporary and rustic style. This console table features two finished wood shelves atop a simple metal frame that provide plenty storage space. The top shelf can also accommodate a TV. Assembly is required.

Cortesi Home Remini Narrow Contemporary Glass Console Table

From: amazon.com


Price: $400.00

Cortesi Home Remini Narrow Contemporary Glass Console Table is contemporary and sleek piece of furniture that will add a touch of modern elegance and glamour to your home. This console table features a high gloss gold finish frame and durable tempered glass in black finish.

Safavieh Atka Acrylic Console Table

From: amazon.com


Price: $550.00

Acrylic Console Table is the perfect choice for a minimalistic, modern space. This beautiful, artistic piece is crafted from clear acrylic and molded with strong lines, so announces itself as your no-frills surface for displaying pictures, books and all other items you want to show.

Modern Metal Black Console Table with Ornate Pattern

From: houzz.com


Price: $3,790.00

And for the end of the list, I found one console table for a way bigger budget than all the rest console tables from this list. This is a high-end, artistic piece that could be an awesome addition to any contemporary home, and all your friends and family will surely love it. Its designer is Chris Kabatsi and it’s supposed to bring the mysteries of the universe to you home with the timeless, geometrically complex design.


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