7 Beautiful Blue Garden Stools For Your Outdoor Area

Garden stools are decorative and functional pieces of furniture because you can use them in your outdoor area, or in your living room as an plant stand, side table, or stool. If you think that blue outdoor stool could look great in your home, and you need to find some inspiration in search for perfect one, you should take a look at our new post. Here’s an overview of seven, beautiful garden stools with a blue dominant color. Check them out!

Square Foo Dog Garden Stool

From: onekingslane.com


Price: $225.00

Square Foo Dog Garden Stool is a great decorative product that features Chinese vessel nailheads, stylish pierced cutouts, and a glossy blue-and-white finish.

Hexagonal Butterfly Garden Stool

From: onekingslane.com


Price: $219.00

Hexagonal Butterfly Garden Stool could be an amazing addition to your garden or house interior. This stool is made from a porcelain, and it has a beautiful, sleek design and Chinese motifs that makes it perfect decoration.

Kelly Garden Stool

From: onekingslane.com


Price: $199.00

Kelly Garden Stool is a beautiful addition to any home thanks to its beautiful Sapphire Blue finish and high-fire porcelain construction. This versatile garden stool could also be used as an occasional table or end table.

Bunderberg Ribbed Porcelain Garden Stool

From: wayfair.com


Price: $180.70

Bunderberg Ribbed Porcelain Garden Stool is a great choice for a garden or a living room for both traditional and contemporary designed homes, but its design is inspired by traditional Chinese art. It’s also available in beige, and beige/green colors.

Downtown Gateless Mist Garden Stool

From: wayfair.com


Price: $171.81

Downtown Gateless Mist Garden Stool is a beautiful, zen themed stool that could be an awesome addition to your home’s garden or living room. This stool is also inspired by a traditional Chinese art.

Alize Garden Stool

From: wayfair.com


Price: $171.15

Alize Garden Stool will look great in a modern and contemporary decorated gardens or homes. It features beautiful ombre blue and white finish and ribbed, cylindrical design thanks makes this stool sleek and contemporary addition that will look awesome in your home.

Carved Flowers Porcelain Garden Stool<

From: wayfair.com


Price: $283.80

Carved Flowers Porcelain Garden Stool is a beautiful decorative piece design that represents a refreshing modern twist to Chinese classic style. This garden stool is hand crafted from porcelain with a beautiful with a rich indigo glaze finish that makes it so stylish and special addition to your home and garden.

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