Top 5 Most Expensive Chairs For Your Home Office

These days people are spending most of the time in their office, so it’s very important to pick office furniture very carefully. If you have a good office chair, your life will be a lot easier.

So if you are an office worker, you should consider idea to invest in a high quality office chair. Sometimes a higher budget can open you many doors which a lower budget can never do.

We prepared an article for you about five durable, comfortable, and high-quality office chairs that should make your life in office easier.

5. Eames Soft Pad Group Executive Chair


Beautiful White Office Chair

Price: $2,399.00

Herman Miller ® Eames Soft Pad Group Executive Chair is a beautiful and modern chair, perfect for your office. The chair is a great choice for all kind of spaces, it can be an addition for contemporary homes, elegant offices and modern startup spaces.

The chair features unique suspension, and with its firm and flexible “sitting pocket”, it will accommodate to body’s shape. The comfort and support are provided by foam cushions within upholstery over aluminum frame.

This chair also features adjustable height, and if you want to order it with a pneumatic seat height adjustment with tilt lock, it will cost you additional $100.00.

4. Steelcase Leap® WorkLounge Office Chair


Expensive Black Office Chair

Sale Price: $2,999.00 (down from $4,203.00)

WorkLounge Office Chair by Steelcase Leap® is more traditional, simple, and elegant office chair. The chair is high-back, with aluminium frame and base and leather exterior seat.

WorkLounge Office Chair is very comfortable thanks to its large headrest with flip up pillow, lower back firmness, pneumatic seat-height adjustment and Leap’s Live Back™ that supports your entire spine. Also, the chair features Natural glide system™ that gives you an option to recline without disrupting work.

The chair is easy to clean, but you must be careful with a direct sunlight because it may cause fading. Also you must avoid exposing this chair to oil and grease, because it may cause darkening of the leather.

The chair is shipping fully assembled.

3. Herman Miller ® Eames Executive Work Chair


Black Expensive Office Chair

Price: $3,099.00

Eames Executive Work Chair by Charles & Ray Eames for Herman Miller ® is a great choice for your contemporary office, but it will also fit in very well in more traditional styled space.

The mid-back chair’s base is made of metal and the exterior seat is leather. This chair also comes with padded armrests, tufted back cushions, contoured seat and back cushions and deep seat cushions for added comfort. This chair’s height is adjustable and it also features tilt control.

Eames Executive Work Chair comes with 12 years of warranty provided by manufacturer.

2. Stressless Magic Office Chair


Stress-less Office Chair

Price: $3,595.00

Stressless Magic Office Chair with its contemporary design and old school quality is ideal choice for your home office. If you have a long day in the office, this charming chair will make your day easier and do all the work for you.

The chair features The Plus system that provides a control of lumbar region support, which means that you can move the chair to support your lower back. Also, the recline function reacts to shifts in your body weight, so you never have to hold tension in your body again. This charming chair will support your head, neck, and shoulders with its headrest.

The chair is available in fifteen different colors of upholstery and seven different frame colors. You can also choose if you want fabric or leather upholstery. Also, the manufacturer provides ten years of warranty.

1. Vitra Skape Lowback Chair


Most Expensive Office Chair

Now Price: $5,210.50 (Normal price: $6,130.00)

Skape Lowback Chair by Vitra is one elegant addition for a modern home office. This chair is a perfect combination of comfort and functionality. It is made of eco-friendly materials, base is die-cast aluminum polished and upholstery is leather.

The Skape Lowback Chair features a synchronizing mechanism with a large angle and automatic weight adjustment of the backrest resistance that provides supported weight for user in every position.

This chair is easy to clean, by using a damp cloth, but before using any cleaning product, you should test it on an inconspicuous spot.

The chair is available in seven different colors of the leather upholstery and it’s non-returnable.

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