Top 7 Pet Crate End Tables for Contemporary Homes

If your dog gets crazy with its pillow-like bed and carry it around the home or eating it as mine does, a real piece of furniture, end table with versatile functionality that is also a pet crate is perfect for your home.

With pieces like that, it’s also easier to clean their mess and fur, and at the same time, you can use them as end tables to put away your coffee, magazines or add some picture frames on it for decoration.

Medium Slide Aside Crate and End Table



Price: $256.88

Medium Slide Aside Crate and End Table could be an awesome addition that will add a contemporary style to your home, and your furry friend will love it. Its door can both hinge or slide into the side to become ‘invisible’, and its bottom is solid to ensure strength and stability.

Ruffluv Large Pet Crate End Table



Price: $416.90

Ruffluv Large Pet Crate End Table is a beautiful piece of furniture that will provide the best comfort for your pet. This piece is constructed from 100% solid wood so high-quality, extra strength and durability are guaranteed. Its design provides the safe, cozy space for your pet, and decorative piece of furniture will fit to any stylish living room.

End Table Hooded Dog Bed



Price: $149.99

End Table Hooded Dog Bed is simple, stylish and affordable piece that could fir easily to any living room. Your pets will feel ready for action at any time with a 16-inch wide opening, and still get the cozy feeling feel while they rest on the comfy 3-inch thick mattress. The mattress is removable and it comes with a zippered cover for easy cleaning. This piece is recommended for small to medium-sized pets.

Devin Deluxe Wicker End Table Cat Bed



Price: $193.00

Devin Deluxe Wicker End Table Cat Bed has a beautiful, hand-woven design that gives a casual, breezy look to this pet bed. The end table top makes it a versatile addition to your home that you can place next to your sofa and enjoy watching TV near your pet while he’s resting in his bed. You can use the top to put away your books, glasses, magazines, and for all the purposes that you usually use classic end tables.

Pet Crate End Table in Walnut



Price: $249.99

Pet Crate End Table in Walnut is beautiful, study and stylish 2 in 1 piece of furniture that could be elegant decoration for your home, and safe and cozy bed for your dog. This bed is sturdy, durable, easy to assemble. Its stylish finished wood compliments any decor.

Slumber Pet Crate



Price: $87.99

Slumber Pet Crate is a simple and gorgeous piece of furniture that your pets will love, and at the same time, it’s the most affordable piece from our list. Its homey design makes it the perfect addition to any space, and its versatile functionality adds a special charm. This piece is made of durable, long-lasting wood, so the strength and durability are provided.

Anson Crown Pet Crate



Price: $299.99

Bessie Crown Pet Crate is an elegant and functional piece that will improve the comfort of your pet and add a character to your home. This pet crate table has a hard-sided frame structure that makes it strong and its rubberwood construction makes it durable. It is available in two finishes, espresso, and mahogany, so you can choose the one that best suits the decor.

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