The Story of Presidential Desk from The White House – The Resolute Desk

A few days ago I saw an image of the President of the United States while he was sitting in The Oval Office, and all I saw was this massive, beautiful desk. I decided to do a little research about the history of this desk and maybe find some similar, massive desks that anybody would love to have one day in his home office.

Resolute desk in an Oval Office

This desk is called the Resolute desk and it was used by many Presidents of the United States. Currently, it is located in the White House Oval Office in the West Wing.

It was the gift from Victoria, Queen of the United Kingdom to President Rutherford B. Hayes in 1880.

The desk was crafted from the English oak timbers of the British exploration ship called Resolute, so that’s where its name came from.
The history of its creation is very interesting. H.M.S. ‘Resolute ‘ was a part of the expedition sent in search of Sir John Franklin in 1852, and it was abandoned on 15th May 1854. In 1855, it was discovered and extricated by Captain Buddington of the United States Whaler ‘George Henry’. The ship was sent to England as a gift to Her Majesty Queen Victoria by the President of the United States as a sign of goodwill and friendship.

When the ship was broken up, this table was made of its timbers and sent to the President of the United States by Queen Victoria, “as a memorial of the courtesy and loving kindness which dictated the offer of the gift of the “Resolute’.”

This desk was used by many Presidents, but it wasn’t a part of the Oval Office until President John F. Kennedy. It was an idea of his wife, Jackie to bring this desk to the Oval Office for the first time.

President Kennedy in an Oval Office

After the assassination of President Kennedy in 1963, the desk was removed from the White House to the traveling exhibition with the Kennedy Presidential Library, and after that, it was displayed in the Smithsonian Institution.

The desk was brought back to the Ovall Office in 1977 by President Jimmy Carter who requested that this historic desk should be returned to the White House. After that, it was used by Presidents Reagan, Clinton, Bush Jr, Obama, Trump,¬†and the current President, Joe Biden. It wasn’t used only by President Bush Sr, who used C&O desk.

Resolute desk Replicas

If you’re the lucky guy with a budget big enough to invest in an office desk that looks like the desk from the White House, then you should consider one of these two replicas of the original desk from the Oval Office. The first is manufactured by MBW Furniture, while the second one is manufactured by Design Toscano.

Executive Desk by Design Toscano



Price: $5,500.21

Executive Desk by Design Toscano was crafted from solid mahogany as a desk above. The desk is a massive, beautiful, high-quality replica of the presidential desk, and if you decide to order it, you’ll surely feel very presidential in your office.



Price: $8,899.99

Dominga Solid Wood Executive Desk is also a resolute desk replica that you can have in your home office. It’s crafted from solid mahogany as well, and it has a rich, dark brown finish that will give your room a luxurious style.

Similar Desks

If your budget is not big enough for the replica of the presidential desk, but you would still like a massive, traditional executive desk in your home or a professional office, then you can check out one of these three desks. They will still add a classic luxury to your office, but they are way more affordable in comparison with replicas.

Tynecastle Desk


Price: $3,957.00

Tynecastle Executive Desk is a beautiful, traditional office desk that would be a luxurious addition to any office.

Blending timeless Georgian design elements with rustic timber-frame features, with a central leather writing surface, this desk will be adding an air of refinement to your manor home.

Richmond Hill Executive Desk


Price: $3,957.00

This Executive Desk is also a stylish piece of furniture that could be a great addition to a traditional office and bring a sophisticated appearance to it.

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