How To Keep Your Home Organized in a New Year

Holidays and New Year are behind us. It’s was nice, we’ve all spent time with our families, had many nice meals, celebrated the New Year, and now it’s time for a new beginning. If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to keep your home more organized, but you’re also a hard worker and you don’t have a lot of time for it, don’t worry because it’s really easy to keep it.

It’s just important to add a new habit to the things you do every day. It won’t take you much time, but it will keep you home tidy and clean.

We’re all sometimes lazy, and we delay all our home cleaning obligations to one big week cleaning, but if we could keep doing small tidy home jobs every day, the weekly cleaning wouldn’t be so big 🙂

After you wake up and before you have a coffee/breakfast, it’s important to make your bed. I know it sounds silly, but you won’t believe how many people do not make the bed in the morning.

After making the bed, you should clean the rest of the bedroom – put away your dirty clothes, remove the glass with water from your nightstand, remove the dust that’s there… It sounds like a lot of work for a morning before coffee, but it won’t take you more than 3 minutes, and you’ll feel a lot better when you know that you’re starting a day with an organized bedroom. Also, it’s a nice feeling when you’re coming back from work, and all the tidy jobs are done.


Also, when you’re in the bathroom doing your morning routine, you should consider just to quickly wipe your bathroom. You don’t need to do the detailed cleaning, it’s enough to wipe the sink with an antibacterial wet towel, and it will look a lot better, and it will be easier for you when doing a weekly cleaning.


A kitchen is a place when you’re spending a lot of time while cooking and preparing meals for your family. So it is important to keep the working surface clean. It’s best that you clean while preparing a meal, so you won’t have a lot of work after eating the meal.


Don’t delay doing the dishes. It’s important that you do it as soon as possible, no matter if you’re washing it or placing it into a dishwasher.

In the evening, when all of your obligations are done, after you’ve read the book, a magazine or watched TV and before you’re going to sleep, it might be a good idea to prepare yourself for a morning – decide what to wear, prepare dishes for breakfast. Trust me, you’ll be a lot happier when you wake up, and everything’s prepared for your morning rituals 🙂


All of the rooms in your home need to have pieces of furniture with a storage space. So it is important to organize the items inside of it in a way that it’s easy to find it when you need it.

Maybe it’s the best to buy these pieces of a storage furniture with a lot of drawers or shelves, so you can organize your things in an easier way.

Pur Closet System by Bestar is a nice example of a good storage organization in closet.


A drawer chest is also a great solution to store the items that you don’t use so much, also most of them are very affordable.


The closet shelf dividers are also nice and affordable solutions in a closet organization.


We all have a habit of leaving the things like a magazine, a book or glasses on our coffee table, and when you have these things left on it, all the living room like kind of messy. So the coffee table with a storage space is a nice choice, so matter if the storage space is closed or opened. These coffee tables are available in a variety of prices, so anyone can afford it.


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