Decorate Your Home in TBBT Style – Raj Koothrappali’s Apartment

I already wrote the articles about the furniture from all other apartments and homes from The Big Bang gang, so when I watched the last episode when Raj invited all his ex-girlfriends to his place, I noticed some interesting pieces of furniture and decor in his living room, and tried to find as similar furniture as possible.


Raj (Rajesh) Koothappali is an Indian astrophysicist that Sheldon and Leonard met at work, and since then he’s a part of the TBBT gang together with them two, Howard Walowitz and Penny. Amy and Bernadette joined the gang a few seasons later.

Rajesh lives in a small apartment with one bedroom that used to be a watch factory. The building where he lives is built in 1951. People who also lived there over these 10 seasons of the show were Raj’s sister Priya when she was in a relationship with Leonard, and even he moved in with for short period, while Raj was staying with Sheldon at the same time.

Stuart also stayed in this apartment during the season 6.

The apartment is decorated simply and with style, as we know that Raj cares about his living space. The style that dominates in this apartment is mid-century modern, with some Indian details like decorative pillows and a tapestry on a bedroom door.

Throw Pillow



Price: $37.00

This throw pillow will add a unique and chic look to an apartment, as it does to the Raj’s apartment. This pillow is available in three colors – blue, teal and yellow.

Coffee Table



Price: $114.90

The original coffee table is designed by Eames, but I didn’t find it online, so I found a similar and affordable one that looks pretty much like the one from the set. This one has also a unique, oval design with a glass top and a rich espresso wood grain finish, so it’s a high-quality piece of furniture that fits nicely in any decor.

Buttercup Chair



Price: $899.00

Buttercup Chair is the original chair from the set. It’s currently not available, this chair by Herman Miller is a good substitute. available in three different finish combinations. In Kootrappali’s apartment is the one that’s finished in white oak and stainless steel combination.

This chair is also available in a form of a

Rocking Chair:


Desk Chair



Price: $151.99

The desk chair at Raj’s apartment is simple, cozy and finished in red leather. I found the original one, and it’s available in Germany, so I think that this Desk Chair by Winport Industries is a great and affordable substitution for it.

End Table



Price: $324.00

The end table is a simple and stylish piece of furniture in a C-form and with a steel base and glass top. The Donnell End Table by Brayden Studio will surely be a great piece of furniture if you want to redecorate your apartment like Raj’s.

French Door Refrigerator



Price: $3,250.00

The big fridge with French door is will always improve the look of your kitchen or dining area, and it will add a luxurious and sophisticated look to it.

Dining Chair



Price: $420.00

Muriel Side Chair by Latitude Run is very similar to the dining chair from Raj’s dining room. This minimalist dining chair is inspired by a mid-century style, and adds a sophistication into your space with the durable walnut-finished rubberwood frame and elegant beige cushion.

Dining Table



Price: $737.50

This dining table is not the one from the set, but it could also easily fit small and mid-century inspired dining room. This chair is stylish, luxurious and it will add a rich look to your home.

If you pay more attention while watching the show, you’ll notice that the dining table from Howard and Bernadette’s redecorated kitchen looks alike the one from Raj’s apartment. Both tables are designed to fit in mid-century modern homes, and they also look great in both big kitchen or a small apartment, as you can see from these examples.

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