Decorate Your Home in Suits Style – Harvey Specter’s Apartment

I’ve been a fan of Suits for many years before I even start to write my blog. I watch it with my husband for years, the same day when the episode’s released.

And if you haven’t heard about the show until last year, you must have heard in the last few months since the ‘Suits’ star Megan Markle engagement with British price Harry.

So, while the world is excited about this lovely couple, we, ‘Suits’ fans are wondering how this season will end, since she mentioned that she will stop her acting career and her set partner, Mike (Patrick J. Adams) also leaves the show.

We will definitely miss their characters, but the good thing is that the character that we love the most, Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht) will return for the eighth season with other stars – Sarah Rafferty, Rick Hoffman and new series regular DulĂ© Hill.

So, I suppose that his apartment will still continue to delight fans, and I decided to write another post dedicated to ‘Suits’ interiors after analyzing Harvey’s office and Mike and Rachel’s apartment.


So Harvey’s apartment is, as his office, ultra modern, has an open space concept and a beautiful, amazing view.


The sliding door divides the huge living room/kitchen area from his bedroom. And in the corner that separates the bedroom from a kitchen area is his stylish home office space with a writing desk and corner bookshelf.



Lumisource Santi Barstool, Walnut and Cream



Price: $114.94

These bar stools are simple, but unique pieces of furniture that looks very much like the real bar stools from ‘Suits’ set. This piece of furniture could be a great addition to any dining or bar area as either a set a standalone piece thanks to its beautiful design and high-quality construction.

Writing Desk



Price: $1,103.13

Writing Desk is a piece that looks much like the writing desk from Harvey’s office corner. It’s not easy to see it from these screenshots, but I’ll try to take a better one and add it to the post. Its crisp and clean lines and stainless steel base makes this desk a perfect addition to an apartment or office space inspired by Harvey’s professional, minimalistic style.

Leather Cocoon Chair in Black


Price: $884.78

This leather cocoon chair is not identical to the real chair from the set, but it could easily fit into any interior inspired by mister Specter’s style, and you can get it for a very affordable price. It’s also available in other colors if the black doesn’t fit into your space.

Warren Black Bonded Leather Sofa



Price: $1,507.00

Warren Furniture Black Bonded Leather Sofa is a great piece of furniture for a living or office space like Harvey’s. He has this one in his beautiful home, and one very similar in his office space.

Burnside Lounge Chair


Price: $930.00

Burnside Lounge Chair looks great in a combination with a sofa above, and it’s the perfect addition to sleek and modern interiors.


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