Decorate your home in Ginny and Georgia style

ginny and georgia

I have to admit, somehow I missed the first season of this amazing TV show. When I saw the Ginny & Georgia season 2 trending on Nextflix, I watched both seasons in a few days, and I was thrilled. TBH, I could watch it every day, and I feel so bad that we all have to wait for another year or so for another season.

For this type of TV show, I would prefer if we had one episode per week instead of watching 2 seasons in 5 days. But it is what it is…

So Georgia Miller got us all under her spell… She turned the town upside down when she moved with her kids to the charming town of Wellsbury, Massachusets.

In reality, the show was filmed in Toronto and Cobourg, Canada.

georgia miller

A single mother with two kids, and being just the age of 30. Her methods of keeping her family well and safe and questionable, but everything she does, she does in the most adorable way, and it’s really hard not to like her.

However, there’s more to the show than just the intriguing plot. The beautifully designed interiors and exteriors of the homes in Ginny and Georgia had an important role in setting the stage for the series. So today, we will take a closer look at their home and explore the unique elements that make it so captivating. I also tried to find similar and affordable pieces of furniture.

The Welcoming Exterior:

As we approach the exterior of the Miller house, we’re immediately drawn to its picturesque charm. Nestled in a cozy suburban neighborhood, the house exudes warmth and character. Its classic architecture and a well-maintained garden, harks back to a simpler time.

The big front door adds a pop of color, welcoming visitors into the world of the Millers. The attention to detail in the exterior design helps create an inviting ambiance that reflects the family’s close-knit nature.

The Eclectic Kitchen:

Georgia, mayor Randolph and Austing eating breakfast.

The Miller family’s kitchen and dining area is a hub of activity and culinary creativity. With its floor-to-ceiling, white cabinets, open shelving filled with cookbooks, and vintage farmhouse sink, the kitchen oozes personality. The nice choice of wall tiles, featuring a white, brick pattern, adds a unique touch to the space, making it visually stimulating. This eclectic mix of design elements reflects Georgia’s vibrant personality and her desire to infuse her surroundings with life and energy.

Georgia in the kitchen

White Brick Tiles


white brick

Price: $4.79/sq. ft.

Bellmead Solid Wood Cross Back Side Chair (Set of 2)


Price: $199.99

Parke Solid Pine Wood Round Pedestal Table


Price: $630.00

The Cozy Living Room:

The heart of the Miller’s home is the living room. It is a haven of comfort, adorned with a plush sofa, eclectic artwork, and an assortment of colorful throw pillows. The clever mix of vintage and modern furniture creates an inviting and eclectic atmosphere. The use of warm earth tones, such as deep browns and soft neutrals, adds a touch of coziness. This space serves as the backdrop for countless family moments and heartfelt conversations, further strengthening the bond between Ginny, Georgia, and their Willsbury friends and neighbors.

Gevon 84.65″ Velvet Roll Arm Sofa, Chesterfield Sofa


Price: $719.99

This orange Chesterfield sofa would look amazing in a living room inspired by Ginny and Georgia TV set. It is made from strong and durable materials so it will provide maximum comfort while looking great for many years. It’s also available in other colors.

Cow Inspired Canvas Wallart


We can all agree the fun artwork is what makes the living room interior so special and we can totally see Georgia’s influence in it. I’ve tried to find the real artwork from the set but I had no luck in my search so I found this amazing artwork in Andy Warhol style on Amazon. It could look great in any living space or a bedroom that needs a vibrant addition.

dancing on a white shaggy rug

White Shaggy Rug


Price: $259.99

This beautiful, white shaggy rug looks very similar to the original rug from the set. It’s a high-quality product that is available in many sized and also in different colors.

The captivating world of “Ginny and Georgia” extends beyond its compelling storyline. The homes featured in the show play a significant role in immersing viewers in the lives of the characters. From the inviting exterior to the thoughtfully designed interior spaces, each element contributes to the overall atmosphere and narrative. The attention to detail in the set design adds depth to the characters and enriches our viewing experience. So, the next time you find yourself engrossed in the captivating world of “Ginny and Georgia,” take a moment to appreciate the artistry behind the homes that make the show come alive.

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