Top 8 Nature Inspired Coffee Tables

If you have a nice, modern living room, and you’re thinking of getting one piece of furniture that will add a natural, or even rustic atmosphere to it, the nature inspired coffee table is perfect choice for it.

So, I went through some US based online stores and picked eight awesome coffee tables inspired by nature that I liked the most, and I believe that anybody would like to have them in their home. Check them out!

Topi Coffee Table



Price: $399.99

Topi Coffee Table is a beautiful coffee table that will add a special and unique touch to your home. The base is crafted from of individual wood stalks that together create a beautiful, art form. The top is made of glass.

Thrum Coffee Table



Price: $489.99

Thrum Coffee Table by Porter International Designs is a piece of furniture perfect for a home where you want to add a touch of nature. It features a beautiful, copper finish and a solid wood construction.

Octavia Shaded Coffee Table



Price: $3,035.00

Octavia Shaded Coffee Table is a piece of furniture that will surely stand out in your home with its stunning, natural look. This coffee table is constructed from beech solids and eucalyptus veneers.

Root Teak Coffee Table



Price: $1,239.00

Root Teak Coffee Table is a stylish piece of furniture that will add a special touch to your home. It’s also great choice for a small apartment because of its round space-saving shape.

Safari Coffee Table



Price: $1,179.99

If you decide to order Safari Coffee Table, I’m sure that it will be the most original piece of furniture you have. The base of this table is made from a natural wood, and the top is 0.47″ tempered glass

Cindi Driftwood Coffee Table



Price: $987.00

Cindi Driftwood Coffee Table by Union Rustic will add a style and beautiful look to any modern living room inspired by nature. The base is made from naturally shaped teak wood, and the top is glass.

Java Coffee Table



Price: $2,249.99

Java Coffee Table by Sunpan Modern is the most expensive coffee table from this list. This coffee table is uniquely handcrafted with driftwood pieces to add a special look to your home. Its top is tempered glass and the base is stainless steel.

Farnum Coffee Table



Price: $1,647.00

Farnum Coffee Table is a perfect choice if you want to bring a nature to your modern living room. Its top and base are made from wood.

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