8 Most Expensive Furniture Style Beds For Your Dog

If you consider your dog as a part of the family and you have enough money to provide him luxury that he deserves, you should check out this list of the eight most expensive beds for them. All of these beds are sturdy and cozy, so your dog can have the best treatment in your home.

8. Gray Davie Dog Sofa

From: wayfair.com


Price: $295.00

Davie Dog Day Bed is a simple and beautiful piece of furniture that’s perfect for any dog. It’s available in different sizes and colors. The frame is made of wood, and it comes with washable and cozy cushions, so the comfort for your dog and clean home for you are ensured.

7. Medium (34″ L x 27″ W) Craig Dog Bed with Orthopedic Foam Mattress

From: allmodern.com


Price: $359.99

Craig Dog Bed by Pet Lounge Studios is a stylish, rustic bed that your dog will love, and it will also add a unique touch to your home.

6. 35.5″ W x 25.5″ D x 21.5″ H Oviedo Dog Sofa

From: allmodern.com


Price: $449.99

Oviedo sofa is a perfect piece of furniture for your dog when he is spending a lazy afternoon. It’s also a beautiful bed that’s made from wicker with microfiber upholstery.

5. Dog Sofa

From: wayfair.com


Price: $689.99

Dog Sofa is a perfect choice for your female dog in this color, but it’s also available in many different colors so you can order it also for a male dog. It features a sturdy wooden frame, and BioMedic memory foam cushions to provide comfort to your dog while sleeping.

4. Traditional Oronoco Dog Bed with Standard Mattress

From: wayfair.com


Price: $839.00

Traditional Oronoco Dog Bed with Standard Mattress is simply a gorgeous piece of furniture that any dog will adore. These beds include a soft mattress, so your dogs can enjoy laying on it.

3. Amalfi Shakespeare Dog Bed, Grande

From: houzz.com


Price: $849.00

Amalfi Shakespeare Dog Bed, Grande will add a luxurious touch to your home, and it will also make your pet happy with its softness. This sofa bed is easy to clean. Fully welded and electrostatically powder-coated in Brown, this dog bed is rust, scratch and knock resistant.

2. Rectangular 4 Poster Mahogany Dog Bed

From: houzz.com


Price: $1,584.00

Rectangular 4 Poster Mahogany Dog Bed is the second most expensive bed on this list, but it’s currently on a discount. It’s a sophisticated bed that will provide comfort to your dog, and it will add a style to your home. This bed is made in the USA.

1. Monterey Pet Bed

From: houzz.com


Price: $1,800.00

Monterey Pet Bed is the winner of this list. It’s a stylish and luxurious piece of furniture that your dog will adore. This dog bed is made of premium quality materials and designed in a unique and timeless design. If you decide to order it, your dog will surely be grateful.

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