7 Square Pouf Ottomans for Luxurious Interior

If you need a piece of furniture that could complete the look of your luxuriously decorated living space or bedroom, a stylish ottoman could be a perfect choice. Today’s article is all about ottomans, and all of them are stylish, luxurious, square and spacious, so they can also bee a cozy spot to seat an, as well as a beautiful addition to your charming interiors.

Camarena Tufted Cocktail Ottoman

From: wayfair.com


Price: $240.00

This beautiful, navy blue ottoman is great for creating a coastal feel in your home. It’s also available as a smaller, 18″ square pouf, and the price for that one is $189.

Spangler Cocktail Ottoman

From: wayfair.com


Price: $240.00

This gorgeous pouf has a similar shape as the previous one, but the design is different. This ottoman features a charming navy blue pattern that will create a beautiful appearance in your home.

Florman Pouf

From: wayfair.com


Price: $101.99

This beautiful, navy blue ottoman will add a luxurious touch to any interior. The great thing about this pouf is that it looks perfect in both modern and traditional homes. This pouf is made from velvet and was woven in China. It comes in five lovely colors that complete any decor.

Moctar Pouf design by Bryar Wolf

From: burkedecor.com


Price: $370.00

Moctar Pouf design by Bryar Wolf is a charming piece that will create a beautiful, unique and bohemian appearance. This is a Morrocan pouf that is made from a vintage, Morrocan rug. This pouf is designed by Bryan Woolf, and handmade in Oregon, USA.

Pouf in Maroon & Cream design by Chandra rugs

From: burkedecor.com


Price: $188.00

This pouf ottoman is a charming and cozy piece of furniture that combines a style an functionality. It’s a comfortable spot to sit on or place your legs while watching a TV, and at the same time, a beautiful decoration for your room. This pouf is handmade, and the material is cotton.

Cotton Velvet Cotton pouf in Teal color

From: burkedecor.com


Price: $405.00

This beautiful and sophisticated pouf is perfect choice for addition to luxurious interiors. Its beautiful teal color will add a glamorous touch to your room. It’s made in India.

Eave Pouf

From: domesticoshop.com


Price: $1,659.99

And the most expensive and extravagant piece from our list is Eave Pouf. This ottoman is so large, and you can add it as an addition to your sofa and it will look like a modular sectional. It’s ideal for all rooms, living rooms, offices, and even bedrooms.

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