2016 Trends: Bathrooms That Look Like Living Space


The bathroom that looks like living space is one of the home decor trends from this year. Bathroom is a space that should make you feel most relaxed and comfortable after the hard working day. You can transform it easily into a practical and relaxing zone with the products that add a homey vibe to it.

You can start with a nice wall art above your bath tub as you can see on the image above. The wall art will make you feel more relaxed, and you’ll enjoy the time spent there even more. Green and blue colors will make the space more peaceful.


Price: $349.00

The free standing bathtub is a product that will surely find a place in a modern, living space alike bathroom. In some classic bathrooms, these products probably wouldn’t fit very nice, but for this design, this kind of bathtub is simply perfect.


Price: $1,769.99

Wooden bathroom vanity will make the look of the bathroom more homey thanks to its natural look that is more specific for a living space than for a bathroom.


Price: $1,049.00

Cozy rug for the underfoot will make your time spent in the bathroom so much more enjoyable. Is there something worse than standing on a cold floor after you had a bath? And… is there anything better after the bath of a shower, when you step on a warm and cozy bathroom rug?


Price: From $38.99

Entertainment is the thing that you can’t forget when setting up a living space atmosphere to your bathroom. It can be a book, a magazine or a nice jazz music.


And at the end, what is one piece of furniture that’s the first association for a living room? It’s definitely the sofa. But when you’re decorating a bathroom to look more cozy and homey, you don’t need a big and massive sofa to accommodate whole family. Small and simple loveseat is just enough to create a home vibe and make your bathroom more inviting.


Price: $269.99

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