12 Decorative Pillows For Couch In Your Living Room

If you are looking for a decorative pillow to bring life into your living room, you are in the right place. Today we offer you 12 beautiful, but unusual pillows that should fit in anybody’s home.

Pebbles 18×18 Linen Pillow, Multi

From onekingslane.com:

Pebbles Linen Pillow

With this pillow you can really bring life to your living room. The design was made using water-based ink.

It’s very easy to take care of, by just using cold water in machine wash.

The price of this pillow is just $45 (down from $85).

Zanthia Polyester Pillow

From wayfair.com:

Zanthia Polyester Pilloe

Zanthia pillow could easily match up with nay living rooom. It’s made of 100% polyester material.

Rating of this pillow on online shop is 4,8/5.

You can buy it for only $21,72 (down from $36,85)

Wayborn Decorative Pillow

From wayfair.com:

Wayborn Decorative Pillow

This animal pattern decorative pillow comes in gray and orange color. It could really match your living room if you have orange or gray walls or if it matches with color of couch.

The pillow is made of polyester/polyfill.

The price is only $13.00 (down from $19,99).

Velvet Wave Toss Pillow

From target.com:

Velvet Pillow

This velvet wave pillow could easily fit in your living room if you are looking for simple but with quality pillow.

You can have this pillow in gray, purple, orange and teal.
This pillow is made of cotton.

The price you need to pay to get this pillow is only $16,99.

Butterfly Calligraphy Pillow

From pier1.com:

Butterfly Calligraphy Pillow

This interesting designed pillow could bring life into your living room easily. The mix of butterflies and calligraphy gives perfectly designed pillow for your couch.

Pillow cover is made of cotton, rayon and linen. Filling is polyester.

You can have this beautiful pillow for only $24.95.

Printed typographic cover pillow

From etsy.com:

Typographic Decorative Pillow

If you are looking for a pillow for your living room with some personal details, pillow like this is a perfect selection.
Although vendor is from Israel, they are shipping worldwide and you may wait longer for an order, but it’s worth it. This pillow is also available in red.

The price is $39,00.

Zebra Print Decorative Pillow

From walmart.com:

Zebra Print Pillow

This decorative pillow with zebra print on it could really bring some personality to your living room. Zebra pattern is really modern looking.

Material that pillow is made of is 100% polyester and it’s really easy for cleaning and maintaining.

Price for this fashionable pillow in white version is just $18.00 and in pink version for only $14,99.

Iveta Abolina Before The Storm Throw Pillow

From houzz.com:

Storm Pillow

If you are fan of darker themes and it reflects your taste in decorating home this is great pillow for your home. Gray, black and orange themes represents the feeling of summer thunderstorm and it will look great on your living room couch.

Price of the product depends of it’s size. The average decorative pillow size for couch is 18x18x5 and costs $45.

Paul Brent’s “Coastal” Anchor Toss Pillow

From bedbathandbeyond.com:

Coastal Pillow

This wonderful Paul Brent’s pillow with vintage sea theme could bring peaceful whiff into your home. It’s ideal for you if you living near seaside.

It’s 100% cotton fabric with polyester fill.

The price for this lovely pillow is only $34,99.

Peyton Black Floral 18-inch Decorative Down Pillow

From overstock.com:

Peyton Black Floral

This black floral decorative pillow can easily fit in into any living room, no matter if it is colorful or more subtle designed.

It’s made 50% of cotton and 50% of rayon.

This pillow will cost you $42,99.

Cherry Blossom Accent Pillow

From overstock.com:

Ancient Pillow Cherry Blossom

If you are vintage lover, this pillow is the right choice for you.

This hand-printed pillow with cherry blossom theme on it is made of polyester blend and you can get it in red and blue version.

If you want to buy this product, it will cost you $39,99.

Begonias With Insert Pillow

From houzz.com:

Begonias Pillow

And for the end of this list we offer one more expensive, but beautiful designed Kim Parker’s pillow.

If your home is bright and opened you might like this begonia bright contemporary pillow to fit in. From a designer Kim Parker this beautiful pillow is made from 100& wool and the inside is polyester fiber.

For the continental US it’s ready to ship in 3-4 days.

You can buy this decorative pillow for $200 with insert or with $190 without it.

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