10 Rectangular Striped Rugs For Your Living Room

If you are looking for some beautiful striped rugs for your living room, you are at the right place. We made an effort to look for some cool striped rugs on a few online stores and made you a list of top ten high-quality striped rugs with a good price we liked the most.

We hope that you will like them too.

Santa Ana Striped SM23 Blue Rug

From rugsusa.com:

Blue Striped Rug

Price: $288.00 – $515.00

This lovely blue striped rug belongs to Santa Ana collection from the brand rugs USA. The rug is made of 50% New Zealand wool and 50% Indian wool. It is easy to maintain and it will fit in any contemporary decorated living room.

Striped Rug from Dominican by Surya

From plushrugs.com:

Brwon Striped Rug

Price: $65.90 – $557.20

This rug is manufactured by Syria manufacturer and belongs to the Dominican collection. It is simple designed in neutral color palette and it will look great in any living room. The rug is hand woven from 100% hemp fiber. It is available in five different sizes and you can have it for a very affordable price.

Indoor Outdoor Colorful Stripe Hooked Rug

From shadesoflight.com:

Modern Orange Striped Rug

Price: $60.00 – $795.00

We already wrote about this lovely striped rug in one of the previous articles about decorating your home in “Modern family” style. The rug comes with a cheerful palette of colors and it could bring some positive atmosphere to your living room. It is made of hand hooked 100% polypropylene which provides durability and stain resistance.

Mohawk Home New Wave Rainbow Rug

From allmodern.com:

Modern Rainbow Rug

Price: $15.36 – $152.76

Mohawk Home New Wave Rainbow Rug could be a beautiful addition for your home. With this color palette the rug makes your room look fresh and fun. The rug is made from durable stain resistant nylon and completely crafted in the USA.

Awning Stripes Dhurrie Rug

From shadesoflight.com:

Beautiful Blue Striped Rug

Price: $55.00 – $839.00

Awning Stripes Dhurrie Rug can be a wonderful addition for your living room. It is high-quality striped rug made of 100% wool. The rug is available in many different colors and trending color options include; Aqua, Midnight Blue, Royal Navy, Orange, Yellow and Charcoal on an Oatmeal ground. The rug on the picture above is Denim Blue.

Surya Contempo Gray Stripes Rug

From allmodern.com:

Contemporary Gray Striped Rug

Price: $69.60 – $748.80

Surya Contempo Gray Stripes Rug is a beautiful contemporary addition for your home. It is made of 100% polypropylene and comes with one year warranty provided by manufacturer. Primary color on this palette is black olive and it will fit in your home very easily if you are a fan of neutral colors.

Continental Rug Company Urban Living Beige/Rust Rug

From wayfair.com:

Striped Modern Rug

Price: $93.45 – $1,300.95

Urban Living Beige/Rust Rug is handmade constructed, made of 100% New Zealand wool and belongs to Urban Living collection. This rug is luxurious addition for your contemporary home and with these colors it will make your living room look casual and classy at the same time.

Dalyn Studio SD313 Coastal Blue Rug

From rugsusa.com:

Coastal Striped Rug

Price: $129.00 – $749.00

This beautiful rug belongs to the Studio collection from the brand Dalyn. It is made of 50% acrylic and 50% polyester. The rug is available in four different sizes and it is very affordable. If you are a fan of darker colors or a coastal style, this rug can be perfect addition for your home.

Eclipse Haze Striped Rug

From landofrugs.com:

Beautiful Blue Striped Wool Rug

Price: $238.44 – $399.56

Eclipse Haze Striped Rug is the only rug from the list that is not from US online stores, but it is so beautiful that we had to put it on this list. This rug is funky striped and at the same time classy and elegant. Construction technique is hand-made and it is made of wool / viscose mix. This lovely rug can easily fit in any modern living room and give it some luxurious addition. The price depends on its size and it is £148.00 for size 120 x 180cm [3’11″x5’11”] and £248.00 for size 160 x 230cm [5’3″x7’6″], and below the picture you can see it in US dollars.

Meva Rugs Kilim Pink Rug

From wayfair.com:

Beautiful Pink Striped Rug

Price: $42.00 – $616.00

For the end of this list we offer you a beautiful Meva Rugs Kilim Pink Rug. It is handmade and crafted of blended New Zealand wool and chrome dyes. Primary colors on this palette are blue and pink.

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