Top 7 White Tall Kitchen Pantry Cabinets

The pantry is a cabinet that is used for the food storage in kitchens. The word ‘Pantry’ Old French term ‘Paneterie'; that is from pain, the French form of the Latin ‘Panis’ for bread (source: wikipedia).

If you don’t have a separate pantry room, these cabinets will save your life in a kitchen because they’re great solutions for the organization of cutlery and dishes, and they’re also great space to store your bread, spices, canned food and even beverages.
If your kitchen is already white, and you might need one or more cabinets for food storage to complete its look and function, check out this overview of seven beautiful pantry cabinets that could look awesome in any kitchen.

Coventry Universal Oven Cabinet in Pacific White



Price: $1,805.00

This pantry cabinet is a great piece of furniture for a contemporary or luxurious traditional kitchen. It features a durable white painted finish that will create a light and relaxed feel in your kitchen, and you and your family will love to spend your time in there.

Travis Kitchen Pantry



Price: $1,349.00

Travis Kitchen Pantry is a beautiful cabinet that is made from kiln dried solid mahogany. It also features semi-gloss painted finish topped with a durable sealer. As you can see at the image above, this pantry cabinet features six beveled glass doors and six internal shelving compartments, so there’s plenty of storage space for your dishes and food.

Gargilesse Kitchen Pantry



Price: $611.99

Gargilesse Kitchen Pantry is a perfect piece of furniture for a kitchen designed in a rustic style. The X pattern on its top and bottom doors will create a simple cottage style in your kitchen area. The storage compartments are completely closed, so it’s perfect for the food storage.

Pottstown Kitchen Pantry



Price: $699.00

Pottstown Kitchen Pantry will add a beautiful and casual touch to your white kitchen. It could look great in both traditional and contemporary kitchen areas thanks to its classic and timeless design. Its doors are ribbed glass. The top compartment can be used for dish and glassware storage, while the compartment behind the bottom doors can hold up to 14 bottles of wine
in single shelf with two easy gliding drawers with dividers.

Rhodes Pantry



Price: $641.99

Rhodes Pantry is available in three finishes – white, black and mahogany so this model can be a great addition to almost any kitchen area. This cabinet features spacious storage for dry ingredients or dishes in three shelves on the top portion and two shelves on the bottom portion. Between the top and bottom portion is one spacious drawer that could be great for cutlery storage.

Oscar Kitchen Pantry



Price: $750.00

Oscar Kitchen Pantry is simple and stylish piece of furniture that could be a beautiful addition to any white kitchen. It features two closed compartments on the top and the bottom with one spacious drawer between them. At the top and bottom compartment is more than enough space for the storage of your food, dishes or glassware, while the drawer is perfect for cutlery.

Fiesta Kitchen Pantry



Price: $759.99

Fiesta Kitchen Pantry’s design is inspired by California Mission style. The frame of this cabinet is a solid hardwood combined with engineered wood panels, while the finish is hand rubbed weathered white paint. Fiesta pantry features two upper and two lower doors with large storage spaces with 2 fully adjustable shelves in each section, so there’s enough room for storage of all your dry food and dishes.

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