Top 7 Kitchen Islands for Industrial Kitchen Design

Very often I watch some TV shows about buying new homes or remodeling old houses, and I noticed that almost every couple wants a big open concept kitchen with a big island, so they could have plenty of room for entertaining guests, plenty space for food prep, and that they could take a look at their children at the same time. Open concept has its advantages and disadvantages, I have it, believe me, I know it.

Unfortunately, my apartment is not so big, so I don’t have enough space to add a kitchen island to it, but when we move to something bigger, we’ll definitely add an island to our kitchen. Until that happens, I’ll just scroll through online stores, and help you guys to choose your best. 🙂

Many of you guys are fans of industrial style in interior design, and so am I. So today’s post is a compilation of seven islands for industrial kitchens, and here’s an overview of them.

Hobbs Germany Kitchen Island French Wine



Price: $5,643.00

Hobbs Germany Kitchen Island French Wine could be a great addition to your home when decorating your kitchen area in industrial style. This island is a high-quality piece that brings a functionality to your home with a large countertop where you can prepare and eat your meals with your family, and with a lot of storage space for wine, and all other kitchen items like cutlery and tableware in its twelve drawers.

Santa Cruz Kitchen Island with Granite Top



Price: $2,356.00

When you say industrial kitchen island, a Santa Cruz Kitchen Island by Trent Austin is probably something that you imagine in your head. This island will add a unique, industrial touch to your kitchen space, and all your friends and family will love it during your entertaining time with guests. This is also one functional piece with a large black granite top that you can use for extra food prep. in four metal drawers, you’ll find more than enough of storage space for all your kitchen items. Its wine rack is removable, so you can use it when you have to, and remove it when it’s not needed. And another awesome thing is that this island is mobile, so you can surprise your guests and move it between the rooms in your household.

Castille Metal Kitchen Island



Price: $779.00

Castille Metal Kitchen Island is a simple and useful piece of furniture that can find a place in any home’s kitchen that is inspired by a combination of industrial and transitional style. It features a white marble top that you can use for food preparation and a lower shelf that you can use for books, magazines to add a style to your kicthen.

Kitchen Island by MOTI Furniture



Price: $1,617.00

Kitchen Island by MOTI Furniture is an awesome piece of furniture that will add a unique style to your industrial kitchen or dining room. This island is handcrafted from solid wood, and it includes wheels, and it’s structurally sturdy and stable so you won’t have problems with moving.

Rustic Industrial Portable Kitchen Island



Price: $1,150.00

This kitchen island is one stylish and practical piece of furniture that could add a rustic elegance to your industrial kitchen. This piece is portable, so you can move it around your kitchen as needed. The great thing about this kitchen island is that its designed in a way that it doesn’t necessarily have to be used as kitchen island – thanks to its portability and versatility, it can also be moved to your living room or foyer and be used as a console table.

Autumn-Elle Designs Andrius Kitchen Island Bleached Pine



Price: $4,220.00

Autumn-Elle Designs Andrius Kitchen Island is a massive piece of furniture that could be an awesome part of kitchen space for many years. This piece is a perfect merger of rustic and industrial style, so it will add a special charm to your kitchen space, and be a useful piece that will add enough space for storage and for food preparation.

Autumn-Elle Designs Marlis Industrial Kitchen Island 3-Drawer



Price: $4,000.00

Autumn-Elle Designs Marlis Industrial Kitchen Island 3-Drawer is a beautiful piece of furniture that will add a special appeal to your industrial space. This island has a lot of working space for food prep, and there’s plenty of open storage space, and some additional storage space in its three drawers on bottom.

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