7 Round Glass Dining Tables for Small Kitchen Spaces

If you live in an apartment, it’s very likely that your dining/kitchen area has limited space, and it those cases, round dining table is the best solution. If you prefer the glass top tables and need a new one for your small space, I found a few ones that you might like. You can order them all online very easily! 🙂

Galaxy Collection Dining Table by Casabianca Home

From: amazon.com


Price: $1,215.00

Galaxy Collection Dining Table by Casabianca Home is a great choice for a modern dining space. This table has a chrome base and clear glass top that is easy to clean and maintain.

Firenze Collection Dining Table by Casabianca Home

From: amazon.com


Price: $1,950.00

Firenze Collection Dining Table by Casabianca Home is also great for a small and cozy dining space decorated in a modern style. This table has a unique base that will add a special touch to your kitchen or dining space. The base is made from stainless steel, and the top is glass.

Lipscomb Dining Table

From: wayfair.com


Price: $829.99

Lipscomb Dining Table is an elegant piece that will add a unique touch to your home thanks to its designed polished stainless steel frame with shiny rose gold finish. The top material is tempered glass. Seating capacity is for four people.

Rockhampton Dining Table

From: wayfair.com


Price: $915.00

Rockhampton Dining Table is a gorgeous and even a bit extravagant piece of furniture that will bring a glam to your apartment. It features a glass top and golden base that gives a glamorous touch to it. Seat capacity is for six people.

Madie Dining Table

From: wayfair.com


Price: $818.98

Madie Dining Table is a beautiful piece of furniture with a chic base that could look amazing in any modern dining room. This table is designed on two attractive crossed ovals while the round pedestal base is crafted from solid wood and veneer for best support of the tempered glass top. Seating capacity is for four people.

Meg Dining Table

From: allmodern.com


Price: $295.99

Meg Dining Table is simple and elegant piece that could be a nice addition to any small apartment’s dining room or kitchen area. It has a glass top and metal base pair with LED lights create a beautiful atmosphere in your home. The seating capacity is for four people.

Mercer Dining Table

From: amazon.com


Price: $658.00

Mercer Dining Table is a fashionable piece of furniture that will give a classy look to your home. It is great for all types of gatherings with friends and family, and we’re sure that everyone will adore it.

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