6 Wicker/Rattan Dressers for Your Tropical Home

For tropical homes, rattan/wicker furniture is a great choice. The difference between rattan and wicker you can find here.

Here’s an overview of six beautiful wicker/rattan combined dressers that could be a great addition to any coastal and tropical home. Check it out 🙂

Pencil Reed Rattan Dresser

From: onekingslane.com


Price: $455.00

This dresser in the only piece from this list that features only rattan construction, the rest of them are rattan and wicker combination. It features three large and two smaller drawers. This dresser will also look great in mid-century modern inspired bedroom.

Mandalay 5 Drawer Chest by Spice Islands

From: wayfair.com


Price: $849.99

Mandalay 5 Drawer Chest by Spice Islands is ideal for a coastal home. It’s a high-quality piece of furniture that looks stylish and provides plenty of storage space for your thins in the easy glide drawers. The glass top is included.

Barbados 6 Drawer Dresser by ElanaMar Designs

From: wayfair.com


Price: $859.99

Barbados 6 Drawer Dresser by ElanaMar Designs is perfect for your bedroom if you need plenty of storage space and spacious drawers. The frame material is a combination of tropical wicker and rattan on solid wood. The glass top is not included.

Barbados 5 Drawer Chest by ElanaMar Designs

From: wayfair.com


Price: $649.99

This dresser belongs to the same collection like the dresser before. It’s more suitable for smaller bedrooms. It features five drawers with easy glide roller system. Assembly is not required.

Melville Chest

From: jossandmain.com


Price: $689.99

Melville Chest is a beautiful piece of furniture that can be a great addition to any tropical bedroom. Its construction is sturdy and durable because it’s made of wood and wicker/rattan. It’s finished in an antique color.

Colton 5-Drawer Chest

From: jossandmain.com


Price: $649.99

Colton Chest is the only white piece of furniture on this list, but it’s also available in honey finish. This chest is constructed from a premium all natural wicker framed on wood. Glass top is included.

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